13 Ways To Use Honey in Home Remedies

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

honey remedies

13-ways-to-use-honey-in-home-remediesThe number of uses for honey is amazing.

From wound salve and cough syrup to dandruff cure, honey can solve a wide variety of problems.

The benefits of honey are mostly due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.


It’s so effective that it’s often referred to as the nectar of the gods.

While eating raw honey daily is a great way to enhance your health, this gold liquid can also be mixed with other ingredients to create more powerful remedies.

Below are some simple honey remedies that are worth trying.

Most Popular Honey Remedies

  1. Honey And Garlic Syrup Is 10x More Powerful Than Penicillin
  2. Honey Wraps Gently Cures Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs
  3. Use Honey Before Bed For a Good Night’s Sleep
  4. Honey and Baking Soda For Cancer
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey For Weight Loss
  6. Powerful Antibiotic: Turmeric and Honey
  7. Honey-Ginger Paste For Colds, Flu and Sore Throats
  8. Carrot and Honey To Remove Phlegm From Lungs
  9. Bananas and Honey For Bronchitis
  10. Honey and Cinnamon To Lower Bad Cholesterol
  11. Coconut Oil and Honey For Coughs
  12. Honey Lotion For Beautiful Skin
  13. Honey and Lemon To Burn Fat

Read This Before Using Honey!

Before you attempt any of these honey remedies make sure you’ve gone through the following two rules.

  1. Honey, despite all of its health benefits, is still a form of sugar. Therefore, eat it in moderation. A good rule of thumb is to never go over 2-3 tablespoons of raw honey per day.
  2. Pediatricians strongly recommend that you avoid feeding honey to children until after their first birthday to avoid unnecessary risk of botulism.