13 Detox Foods To Flush Out Toxins, Fight Cancer Cells And Relentlessly Hunt Free Radicals

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

detox foods

13-detox-foods-to-flush-out-toxins-fight-cancer-cells-and-relentlessly-hunt-free-radicalsYou body is constantly filtering your food and your blood to remove toxins and waste.

This automated self-cleaning process helps keep your body healthy and free of illness.

However, an unhealthy lifestyle plagued by junk food, lack of sleep, stress and long hours sitting at a desk can make it hard for your body to detox itself.

Left alone, toxins can slowly buildup in the body and damage your organs by either disrupting their normal functions or by aging them faster.

Here’s what you can do to help your body remove toxic substances and improve your overall health.

1. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods contain more bad salt, sugar and fat than natural foods. They are also often loaded with flavoring agents, preservatives and food coloring. These substances all make their way into your digestive tract -and eventually- to your liver and kidneys.

While these organs have no problems processing most of these substances every once in a while, when you start eating too much, these substances begin to build up in your organs and tissues.

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Over time, processed sugar can lead to non-alcoholic fatty disease and excess salt can contribute to kidney stones. (1)

That’s why it’s best to eat fresh, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains (oats, teff, quino).

You can still eat processed foods from time to time, like jarred tomato sauce or fresh pasta, just be sure to read all the ingredients as well as the nutritional facts on the label.