8 Morning Drinks Can Flush Pounds of Toxins And Waste From Your Body In No Time

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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8-morning-drinks-can-flush-pounds-of-toxinsYou wouldn’t think twice about bringing your car in for a tune-up—check the fluids, change the filters and otherwise make sure it’s running at optimal levels. Why then, do so we often neglect to cleanse our bodies, one of the most intricate machines ever made?

Why then, do so we often neglect to cleanse our bodies, one of the most intricate machines on earth?

Have you ever wondered why the rates of diseases like cancer continue to increase and have been increasing dramatically over the years? The answer is simple. We have essentially created over 100,000 unnatural chemical compounds since the beginning of the industrial age. We spew or spill these chemicals into the water we drink, the air we breathe, and into the soil we use to grow food.


Add to that vaccines and other medications that are toxic to our bodies, pesticides, insecticides, the countless chemicals in the personal care products and cosmetics we use daily, our household chemicals and of course, the endless array of processed foods with harmful additives we eat day in and day out.

It is no wonder our bodies are overloaded with toxins.

In reality, your body is no different than a finely tuned race car. If you don’t take care of it, give it the right fuel, ensure it is running smoothly by cleansing it of toxins regularly, it will start to break down, just like a neglected car.

In the case of your body, the fuel it needs to run at optimal levels is fresh, whole and when possible, organic foods. You can also use these same foods to help cleanse your body and remove toxic buildup.

To get you started, here are 8 of the best drinks you can start consuming every morning to help remove all of the accumulated toxins. If you do this regularly, you will see improved immune system function, your skin will look better, and you will be full of energy.

8 Morning Drinks to Help You Detox

take your pick and give them a try!


 1. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is much more than a weed you pull from your lawn every summer. This powerful flowering plant can both synthesize and metabolize fat and cholesterol and even break down and store amino acids, which are key for detoxing.

Dandelion can also help promote urine production, which also helps to remove toxins. As a laxative, dandelion can further help remove toxins in your bowels. Apart from providing a slew of beneficial nutrients, dandelion also helps your digestive system by regulating bile flow (1).

Drink 1 cup of dandelion tea in the morning to help your body eliminate toxins all day long.

 2. Parsley Juice

Apart from giving you fresh breath, parsley is jam packed with enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and volatile oils. Some of the best-known parsley juice health benefits are its powerful kidney cleansing and liver detoxification properties.

Like many of the green superfoods, parsley juice on its own is too overwhelming, so it is best added to other kidney cleansing and liver detoxification foods like lemons, beets, cucumbers, carrots, celery, or watermelon.

You can also choose to drink parsley tea. Like parsley juice, parsley tea is helpful for kidney and liver. It is also a good diuretic, preventing salt from being reabsorbed into your tissues. Parsley essentially forces debris out of your kidneys, liver, and bladder. It is currently listed in Germany’s Commission E (equivalent to the FDA) as an approved treatment for kidney stones and bladder infections (2).


3. Lemon Water

Lemons are one of the most important foods on the planet. These sour fruits are literally packed with beneficial vitamins and vital antioxidants that are key when detoxing. While you may think lemons are acidic, they actually help alkalinize your body when you consume them. This is essential for optimal health, as countless studies show the pH of your body is the number one determinant of health.

In the 1930s, Otto Warburg, a German researcher, discovered that pH is intrinsically linked to disease, cancer in particular. And pH is directly affected by toxins. The more toxic your body, the more acidic it is. So, to stay healthy and avoid disease, you need to remove toxins (3). And lemons are just the food to do this.

Your liver is the primary cleansing organ, which means if you are exposed to a lot of toxins through poor diet, environment and things like medications, your liver may need some help to remove these excess toxins. Lemon water helps to increase bile production, which helps with digestion. Lemon juice also helps regulate excess bile, keeping your digestive tract running smoothly.

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is something you should do every day. This one ritual alone will improve your digestion and keep your body toxin-free.

4. Beet Juice

Like lemons, beets are rich in antioxidants and they contain numerous important nutrients necessary for cleansing and detoxifying your body. One of these key nutrients is betaine, which is a lipotrope—something that prevents or reduces the accumulation of fat in your liver. Betaine promotes toxin elimination in liver cells (4). Betalains, which are a class of antioxidants in beets, also have high anti-inflammatory properties that encourage the detoxification process (5).

Beets also contain pectin, a fiber studies show is helpful for eliminating toxins that have been removed from your liver (6). Beets are surprisingly sweet, so you can add them to green smoothies or make fresh beet juice and simply drink it on its own.


5. Carrot Juice

Raw carrots are full of an indigestible fiber that helps your body detox naturally. This fiber also binds to excess estrogen and helps to remove it from your body. As well, this fiber prevents estrogen from being reabsorbed in your intestines. Too much estrogen can cause an array of hormonal disturbances.

The fiber in raw carrots also helps eliminate bacterial toxins, absorbs bile, and essentially removes any harmful material in your intestines. Drink carrot juice in the morning for breakfast, especially if you are unable to have a good meal. The juice is a potent liver cleanser that will help eliminate toxins.

6. Turmeric Golden Milk

Turmeric is probably one of the best superfoods you can eat. More and more studies are revealing the growing number of health effects from this potent spice. There are 264 researched pharmacological actions linked to turmeric, and over 2300 studies alone that show how beneficial this golden spice is for everything from digestive and bowel disorders to asthma, memory, depression, chronic pain and even cancer and the hundreds of other things in between (7). Turmeric is also a potent detoxifier for your blood and liver.

A wonderful and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric is as a soothing drink known as Golden milk, which includes several other potent detoxifying foods like coconut milk, maple syrup, cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, ginger, and honey. Find out how to make it here.

7. Ground Flax Seed Water

Flaxseeds are perfect for detoxifying as they absorb water and expand as they pass through your colon. These tiny seeds essentially act like small scrub brushes as they remove toxins and waste from your colon, which can literally be full of several pounds of toxins in severe cases.

Flaxseeds are also rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of beneficial omega-3 fatty acid that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and are especially helpful in cases of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (8). As a bonus, because flaxseeds expand, they can help you feel full longer, which is perfect for people who are trying to lose weight.


Because it is very hard for your body to digest whole flax seeds, they are most beneficial when you grind them. Only grind what you will use that day to assure the nutrients stay fresh. You can refrigerate ground seeds for up to 24 hours. Add them to water in the morning or add them to a smoothie or on top of your cereal.

8. Prune Juice

Finally, everyone knows the power of prunes. Your grandmother and mother probably had you drinking prune juice for those occasional bouts of constipation.

Prunes are full of antioxidants that help rid your body of harmful free radicals and cancer-causing agents. They are rich in potassium, iron, and beta-carotene and help eliminate waste from your colon as a result of their high fiber content. Studies also show prunes can help lower blood glucose levels and even high cholesterol (9).

Add prune juice to your smoothies or drink small amounts on its own.