7 Worthy Reasons To Add Parsley To Your Meals

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Parsley is pretty which is why it’s used as a garnish.


Like most other pretty things, it’s much more complex and useful than it looks.

Whether you prefer the curly or flatleaf (Italian) variety (which has a somewhat stronger but less bitter flavor), venture to use it for more than its pretty face; there are many very good reasons to.


Sautéed, in soups and stews, in stuffing or an omelette, or raw in a salad, it’s very versatile.

health benefits of parsley

1. Good for The Heart

Antioxidants luteolin and apigenin live in parsley. These flavonoids have been shown to reduce the oxidation of lipoprotein, which is one cause of atherosclerosis and can, in turn, lead to stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

2. Cancer Fighting Properties

Parsley has been shown to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent the development of arthritis. Its vitamins A and C boost your immune system and vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, making it good for your skin.


3. Love your Liver

The flavonoids apigenin and myristicin serve to detoxify by supporting liver enzyme production.

Cleansing also helps to avoid the formation of kidney stones and is a natural diuretic, which also has implications in the prevention of urinary tract infections.

4. Fresh Breath

It’s the chlorophyll in parsley that not only makes it a lovely shade of green but freshens your breath through its antibacterial properties.


5. Vitamin-Rich

Parsley is a good source of K for proper blood coagulation, E to protect against heart disease, potassium to regulate blood pressure, and many of the B vitamins, including folate for strengthening and protecting blood cells.

6. Supports Important Body Functions

Parsley tea has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine to support the immune system, relax muscles, and aid digestion. Steep a quarter of a cup fresh organic parsley for five to seven minutes in hot water to enjoy its benefits; you can add a little honey and/or lemon juice to flavor as you like.

7. Hair Loss

Parsley oil may reduce hair loss when massaged into the scalp. It contains apigenin, an antioxidant flavonoid which controls hair fall through the regulation of TGF-beta1 gene. Used as a balm, the oil can relieve joint pain.


As with any food or supplement, stay aware when adding a nutrition source to your diet; over-consumption of anything new can noticeably affect you. Too much tea, for example, can cause stomach upset. Parsley has been pigeon-holed as a simple garnish but its powerful health benefits should make it part of the main course.

health benefits of parsley infographic