21 Easy, Effective, and Natural Lavender Essential Oil Uses

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

lavender oil uses

More subtle than sight, your sense of smell is no less powerful in evoking a physiological response.

The scent of lavender is housed in its oil and is recognized clinically as one of the most evocative herbs. Lavender oil has many uses for us, many of which aren’t obvious.

In fact, thousands of studies have been conducted on the effects of this versatile herb to the human condition. Its fragrance was only a starting point: topical application provides its own set of benefits.

An easy-to-grow indoor plant, this lovely aromatic herb can be appreciated for its beauty, its smell, its flavor, and its countless ways of promoting human health. From calming anxiety to reversing hair loss, find the most potent lavender oil uses below.

21 Household Lavender Oil Uses

Lavender oil uses: for topical and aromatic use only, unless cooked in other foods.

While not hazardous, ingesting straight lavender oil can cause irritation, stomach upset, and other unpleasant conditions. In addition, it may disturb gut bacteria balance.

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The Alliance of International Aromatherapists discourages internal therapeutic use of any essential oil unless recommended by a trained healthcare practitioner. (1)

lavender uses