14 Natural Antibiotics To Fight Infection

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

best natural antibiotics

Here are 14 of the best time-tested natural antibiotics used to kill bacteria and reverse life threatening infections. Antibiotics can be lifesavers: They kill bacteria that can cause serious illness or death. In 1909, the first true modern synthetic antibiotic (Salvarsan) was created in the search for a cure for syphilis. It was very successful and was used into the 1940s when it was replaced by penicillin.

These and other antibiotics have been used to treat a countless number of people and prevent the spread of life-threatening infection. The discovery of antibiotics was a tremendous advance in modern medicine. Over time, Western medicine came to rely on them to treat even non-bacterial infections. Antibiotics work only against bacteria and not viruses, yeasts, fungi, or mold. Misusing and over-prescribing antibiotics have greatly reduced their efficacy, leading to the development of resistant microbes that stopped responding to antibiotic treatment.

Bacteria, like all living organisms, will adapt in order to survive. The number of people who die from an infection caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria is growing.


This resistance may reach into the greater environment; a 2010 study asked the questions of what the consequences of that might be. It is too soon to tell.

“The current state in the field of antimicrobials, resistance, and chemotherapy is certainly not limited to clinical microbiology as it was in the early years of the antibiotic era. Thus, it is not a single grand challenge; it is rather a complex problem requiring concerted efforts of microbiologists, ecologists, health care specialists, educationalists, policy makers, legislative bodies, agricultural and pharmaceutical industry workers, and the public to deal with.”

“In fact, this should be of everyone’s concern, because, in the end, there is always a probability for any of us at some stage to get infected with a pathogen that is resistant to antibiotic treatment. Moreover, even the behavioral patterns, such as hygienic habits or compliance with antibiotic treatment regimens, may have consequences that are not limited only to individual health issues but, on a larger scale, contribute to the interaction with the resistomes around us.” (1)

Antibiotics have been used since ancient times—but not the synthetic kind. Traces of tetracycline were found in bones dating from before the Common Era.

Humans have always struggled against micro-organisms that are detrimental to our health; before the 20th century, they used only what Nature provides. Here are a few the best time-tested antibiotics nature has to offer.

14 Powerful Natural Antibiotics

best natural antibiotics

As with any natural medicine, some of the herbs and spices listed below may interact with medication and may worsen preexisting conditions. They may also be detrimental in high doses or after extended use. Talk to your local naturopath or speak to your doctor before self-administering them.

1. Garlic

This flowering plant is in the same family as onion, leek, scallion, and shallot.

Its sulfur compounds are what give it a strong smell and are partly responsible for its remarkably powerful immune-boosting properties.

Garlic displays “significant antibacterial activity”, even against resistant bacteria. Plus, “Synergistic use can prevent the pathogenic organism grow their resistance against antibiotic.[sic]” (2)

Garlic is also a cancer-preventing antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic agent due to how its compounds interact with pathogens (3). When using garlic as an antibiotic, there are a few basic rules to follow: click here for more information.