Is it Safe to Eat Mango Skin? The Hidden Benefits of Mango Peel

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

can you eat mango peel

How to Eat Mango Peel

The most obvious way to eat mango peel is to bite into it directly from the fruit, as you would an apple.

First thing’s first, it’s important to buy organic mangoes and wash the fruit properly before eating.

Here are other ways to enjoy mango peel:

  • Smoothies: simply cut up your mango (peel and all) into the blender with your favorite fruits and veggies. Just make sure not to place the mango seed into the mix.
  • Chips: Peel a mango and chop the skin into square pieces. You can then bake them or pop them into a dehydrator to make chips.
  • Pickling: Pickle mango skin as you would cucumbers. For best results, spiralize the skin to make it more visually appealing.
  • Zest: Zest mango skin onto desserts, salads, smoothies, or even soups. Keep in mind that some mango varieties are better for zesting than others.
  • Extract: Mango peel is bitter and can be tough to chew. If you can’t stand mango peel, simply purchase a mango peel extract from your local health food store.

So can you eat mango peel? You can, and you should! Mango season only lasts so long, so make sure to stock up and save your peels!

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