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15 Anti-cancer Tips Gathered From The Best Natural Cancer Protocols Ever Discovered

anti-cancer tips

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The best method to prevent cancer from ever developing is not giving it any reasons to do so. But that isn’t something easily doable especially in a world where stress, lack of sleep and environmental toxins are the norm. While there is a wealth of information on ways to naturally fight cancer, there’s no single cure for it. However, there are many natural cancer protocols that exist including:

  • Gerson
  • Budwig
  • Hoxsey
  • Burzynski
  • Simoncini
  • and many others.

Each of these vary slightly in their approach. Why? Because each person reacts to these differently. Just as you are unique in this world, how your body reacts to a specific protocol may not be the same for another. The key is finding the right protocol for your body’s individual health and needs. But despite being different from each other, these cancer protocols also share similarities.

15 Anti-Cancer Tips

These are core principles that remain the same regardless of which protocol you follow. Think of these as the foundation for every natural cancer protocol that exists today. This list of anti-cancer tips is something you should definitely try to apply to your everyday life. You don’t have to wait until you develop cancer to do these!

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