Simple Mixture Activates Your Body’s Cells To Prevent And Destroy Cancer

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

budwig diet

When you think of cancer, cottage cheese is probably not the first thought that comes to mind.

But the word is out, and has been for decades now actually, that cottage cheese, mixed with a healthy dose of flaxseed oil, is doing battle with cancer—and winning!

This odd combination is known as the “Budwig Diet.”

The name, seemingly as odd as the combination of foods, comes from biochemist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, who was one of the top experts on fats and oils in the 1950s.

During her research, she discovered that by using the right combination of cottage cheese (also known as quark) and flaxseed oil, people with cancer could get some pretty amazing results including, preventing, treating, and even curing their cancer (1,4)

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From Cheese to Cancer Cure

As a biochemist in Germany, Dr. Budwig was studying cancer and possible treatments and/or cures when she realized that quark contained the identical sulphydryl groups—cysteine and methionine amino acids (4)—that are found in most cancer treatment drugs.

She discovered that fats and oils contain essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which are major components of our cellular membranes (4). This is important because when a cell’s membrane is damaged or otherwise unhealthy, it essentially loses its ability to do what it is meant to do—perform vital life processes such as cellular respiration and the ability to divide and form new, healthy cells.

Two Important PUFAs Necessary for Cell Membrane Support

These are considered essential because they cannot be synthesized in the body and must be obtained from food:

  1. Linoleic Acid (LA): omega-6 fatty acids.
  2. Linolenic Acid (LNA): omega-3 fatty acids, which are important anticancer agents for preventing sickness and disease.

So How Does Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil Work to Fight Cancer?

Although seemingly innocuous alone, when cottage cheese and flaxseed oil are combined, something quite amazing happens.

The two substances create a chemical reaction, which is occurs when the sulphydryl groups in the cheese bind with the unsaturated fatty acids in flaxseed oil. The result? The flaxseed essentially becomes water soluble, meaning it is now physically able to enter into a cell to supply it with vital energy.

The process, while amazingly brilliant from a biological standpoint, can best be described as jumpstarting your body’s cells in order for them to be able to accept the energy supplied by the cheese and flaxseed mixture.

In layman terms, our cells are actually no different than a simple car battery. If that battery is dead or drained, the only way to revitalize it is to jumpstart it using battery cables that supply an electrical surge big enough to recharge the battery.

Like most biological functions within our bodies, our cells require energy in order to perform the countless functions they are programmed to do.

And, you guessed it, the combination of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil are the jumper cables that provide this energy.

What Dr. Budwig eventually found was that those cancer patients she gave the mixture to, showed vast improvements in the oxygen supply to their cells and ultimately, decreased incidence of cancer and in fact, in many cases, complete relief from all forms of cancer including gastrointestinal, brain, breast, and even skin cancers. (1,2,5,6)

The Budwig Diet Protocol

While eating the cottage cheese and flaxseed mixture resulted in significant changes and improvements in Dr. Budwig’s patients health, it was not the only thing these patients were advised to do in order to stay healthy and ultimately beat their cancer. She devised a complete protocol, which includes:

  • Drinking only purified water
  • Getting adequate amounts of sunshine in order to stimulate healing in the mind and body (sunshine produces Vitamin D in the body, something researchers now know has a significant effect on overall health and even the treatment of many health issues, including cancer.)
  • Eliminate all processed foods (processed foods are full of chemicals and trans fats that are deadly to the body, especially someone who is already immunocompromised, such as someone with cancer.) Basically, cancer can be stimulated by toxins in our environment so any and all sources of these toxins must be eliminated in order to give the body the best chance possible for healing. This, of course, includes trans fats, pesticide loaded foods, and carcinogen-ridden cooking tools like Teflon coated pans and plastics that contain an array of nasty chemicals (6).
  • No sugar, meat, or animal fat
  • Eat and drink only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables
  • Eat fresh foods—never eat leftover food as it can often contain bacteria and other harmful substances and as well, the vital nutrients decline as it ages.
  • Avoid all drugs and supplements (while it is easy to understand why you should avoid drugs, Dr. Budwig also included supplements as she wanted nothing to interfere with the process.
  • Always grind flaxseeds fresh and consume within 15 minutes of grinding (again, to take advantage of the life-giving nutrients in their freshest form.)
  • Mix quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a 2:1 ratio and blend until no visible oil remains floating (And only mix the amount you are consuming at one time so it is mixed fresh each and every time.)
  • Do not mix in added ingredients until final cheese mixture results.

Healing Phase

For cancer-inflicted patients, Dr. Budwig recommended eating up to 8 tablespoons (6-8 tablespoons typically) of flaxseed oil (in the mixture) daily.

She also stated that people with Liver or Pancreatic Cancer, etc, might have to work up to this amount of oil very slowly, possibly even only starting with 1 teaspoon at a time thereby giving their body time to adjust.

Maintenance Phase

Once the cancer was eliminated, patients were advised to continue with a maintenance dose of 1 tablespoon of the flaxseed oil per every one hundred pounds of body weight. As well, for cancer prevention, she also suggested people can simply take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Budwig’s cancer protocol has been so effective that many other cancer experts are now adding similar cancer treatment protocols to their regimes in order to help stimulate cellular health and function by improving overall oxygen levels in the cells (cellular respiration), strengthen the body’s immunity, reducing overall body acidity (another factor known to cause cancer), and obviously limit any carcinogens in the body.

In fact, Dr. Budwig’s research has been so successful that it has even influenced the scientific and medical community to further study fats and oils and their effects on the body.

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