This 14-Day Paleo Meal Plan Will Help You Lose Weight Fast!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

paleo meal plan to lose weight

Week 2 – Saturday

Breakfast: Banana Bread Parfait

It’s the texture and mouth feel of grains that are so appealing, not necessarily the grain itself. This grain-free bread is made with almond meal, making it dense and filling while providing the goodness of almonds. Try making your own almond milk for better flavor and greater nutrition than store-bought, which is mostly water, sugar, and various vegetable gums.



Lunch: Zucchini “Pasta” Pesto

There’s nothing like homemade pesto loaded with basil and garlic…mmmm.


Dinner: Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Don’t be intimidated about rolling your own. This recipe is time-consuming but a delightful activity on a stormy Saturday.