8 Hand Signs Yoga Masters Use To Get Rid Of Migraines, Anxiety, And Depression

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

hand mudras

Mudras are specific hand positions meant to stimulate your brain in different ways to improve blood flow and balance emotions (1). By calming your mind and body, these simple hand positions relieve stress by having you focus on your hands and breath. And since stress is known to have debilitating effects on the body, regularly practicing these simple poses can have great benefits for your long-term health. As with all yoga poses, mudras also strengthen the muscles in your hands for better dexterity and flexibility.

8 Hand Mudras For Health

Practice each mudra with both hands for at least 5-10 minutes. Focus on your breath as you do so.

1. Prithvi Mudra: The Mudra of Earth

This mudra is said to fight stress, reverse exhaustion, and improve digestion (2).

Prithvi Mudra - Mudra of Earth

To perform, touch the tip od your ring finger with your thumb and extend all other fingers. Do the pose with both hands at the same time.

2. Vayu Mudra: The Mudra of Air

This pose is used alongside the wind-relieving pose to get rid of excess air in the stomach and digestive tract. Plus, it’s said to be beneficial for arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

To perform, fold your index finger and place your thumb over the joint of your index closest to its tip. Apply steady pleasure and stretch all other fingers.

3. Varun Mudra: The Mudra of Water

This pose is believed to regulate fluids and moisturize dry, itchy skin.


You can do it by lightly touching the tips of your thumb and pinky finger together. Extend your other fingers as you do so.

4. Gyan Mudra: The Mudra of Knowledge

The mudra of knowledge is used to improve memory, sharpen focus, and fight insomnia by stimulating the pituitary and endocrine glands.

Healing Theraphy - Gyan Mudra to increase memory power of human brain

To perform, press the tip of your thumb against the tip of your index finger. Extend the three other fingers or you can also leave them slightly bent if you prefer.

5. Agni Mudra: The Mudra of Fire

Use this mudra to stimulate the thyroid gland and in turn relieve anxiety, promote weight loss, and improve digestion.

Agni Mudra Meditation for Yoga and Daily Living

Try this mudra by bending your ring finger and pressing its tip against the base of your thumb. Extend all other fingers.

6. Prana Mudra – The Mudra of Life

As its name suggests, this mudra is meant to bring balance to your life and body. Use it to stabilize energy, improve eyesight, and fight insomnia.

Prana Mudra Meditation for Yoga and Daily Living with Cindy Huston

To perform, touch the tip of your thumb with the tips of your pinky finger and ring finger. Extend your index and middle fingers.

7. Apanu Vaya Mudra – The Mudra of the Heart

This mudra is one of the most powerful. It’s believed to have the ability to prevent heart attack and improve the strength of your heart muscle.


All you need to do is bring the tips of your middle and ring fingers to the tip of your thumb. Extend your pinky and bring your index to the base of your thumb.

8. Shunya Mudra – The Mudra of Emptiness

This is best for people who suffer from frequent earaches and migraines.

Shunya Mudra: Assists Ears in Listening

To perform, simply bend your middle finger and place your thumb over the joint closest to the tip of your index. As you do so, curl the tip into the base of your thumb. Straighten all the other fingers.

With regular practice alongside your yoga routine, the mudras above will leave you feeling relaxed and well-balanced.