2 Breathing Tricks To Help You De-Stress And Improve Digestion

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


2-breathing-tricks-to-help-you-de-stress-and-improve-digestionBreathing is one of the most natural and essential acts for a living being. It’s an automatic reflex that requires no thought. By letting our reflexes kick in, many of us have fallen into harmful breathing patterns.

The human body has two parts to its Autonomic Nervous System. The Sympathetic System is in charge of our short-term survival. It triggers feeling of stress, fear or anger. This is the system we activate when we don’t breathe properly. On the other hand, the Parasympathetic system is in charge of our long-term survival. It triggers relaxation, digestion and reproduction. This is the system we activate through conscious breathing.

Breathing properly makes a world of a difference in the way we experience our daily lives. By taking deep breaths, you will reduce stress, increase awareness and give your body more of that well-needed oxygen.

The video below will show you how easy it is to change your breathing habits.