4 Best Facial Exercises To Get Rid of Wrinkles, Eye Bags And Double-Chins

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

face yoga

Face yoga is a real thing. Just like how working out your muscles helps keep your body slim, exercising the muscles in your face will keep your skin lifted and firm.

In fact, even the late Jack Lalanne, known as the “Godfather of Fitness” had a workout routine for his facial muscles. Face yoga works for all areas of the face. You can use these facial exercises to firm and tighten the muscles in your jawline, around your eyes, around your mouth and on your forehead.

Here are a few ways, Face Yoga expert, Fumiko Takatsu, shows you how to exercise, lift up and firm your cheek muscles.


Go ahead and give these a try!

1. How To Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles with Face Yoga

2. Get Rid of A Double Chin

Get Rid of a Double Chin with Face Yoga

3. How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags with the Face Yoga Method

4. Lose Cheek Fat and Firm Cheeks

Lose Cheek Fat and Firm Cheeks with Facial Exercises

The sooner you start practicing face yoga, the better.

You can head on over to youtube for more anti-aging exercises like these.