4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Constipation Naturally

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

relieve constipation naturally

Yoga For Constipation

Do you have tummy troubles?

Most of people shy away from talking about the poop factor in their life, but when you are backed up it’s hard to think about anything else.

Constipation can be painful, uncomfortable, and downright embarrassing.

And when you are constipated do you really want to take a laxative. A laxative, especially in public, has a way more embarrassing consequence than constipation (diarrhea).

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Instead of risking running to the bathroom every 5 minutes from taking a laxative try out some of these basic poses. Using yoga for constipation is a safe way to help get things moving right along.

Yoga For Constipation and How to Relieve Constipation

yoga for constipation

1. Wind Relieving Pose

The first yoga pose to relieve constipation gets its name for good reason. The wind relieving pose often comes with gas release because you are compressing your ascending and descending colon. You should always do wind relieving pose on the right side of your body because it is pressing on your ascending colon [1] which comes first in the digestive track.

How to do it:

To do wind relieving pose you start by laying flat on your back with a neutral spine. Now bring your right leg up towards your body and bend the knee. With your arms gently pull the right leg into the right side of your body. According to Dr. Melissa West [1] this pose should be held between 10 and 30 breathes and once you have completed the right side continue by doing the left side.