New 7-Day Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

lemon burn fat

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

The heart health benefits of lemons include lower risk of stroke and lower blood cholesterol levels (910). The essential oil of lemons also protects LDL (bad) cholesterol particles from oxidizing, a key factor in heart disease. (1112)

2. Prevents Kidney Stones.

Lemons are high in citric acid, which increases urine output, a key factor in preventing the formation of kidney stones (1314). Citric acid also helps to dissolve gallstones and calcium deposits.

3. Prevents Anemia

While lemons contain small amounts of iron, the significant amounts of vitamin C and citric acid help to increase the absorption of iron from other foods, which can prevent anemia according to studies (1516).


4. Prevents Cancer

Studies show lemons may help reduce the risk of numerous cancers (17, 18). Researchers attribute this to hesperidin (19) and d-limonene (20, 21), just two of the many potent flavonoids found in lemons that are known to contain antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties.

5. Enhances Immune Function.

Not only can the powerful antioxidants in lemons boost your immune system (22), but they can also protect you from developing serious diseases. (23, 24)

6. Detoxifies Your Liver

Lemon enhances your liver’s ability to filter out unwanted toxins by increasing enzyme function and stimulating your liver. A 2005 study published in BMC Pharmacology, shows that hesperidin demonstrates the ability to protect your liver from damage, even by potent toxins (25).

7. Cleanses your Bowels.

Lemons increase peristalsis in your bowels, helping to create healthy bowel movements, thereby eliminating toxins and improving regular bowel function (26).

8. Decreases Stress and Improve Mood.

While no one will argue that drinking a nice cool glass of lemonade on a sweltering summer day can lighten your mood, science actually proves that smelling lemon essential oil “alleviates both physical and psychological stress.” (27)

9. Improves Satiety

The pectin in lemon pulp not only keeps you feeling full longer, but it feeds friendly bacteria in your gut, thus promoting good health and decreased risk of disease (28).


Other health benefits include treatment of throat infections, indigestion, dental issues, fevers, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, respiratory disorders, and cholera.

It’s also claimed lemons can benefit your hair and skin, as well as cleanse your stomach and purify your blood.

How To Use Lemon To Burn Fat

Day 1: Bottoms Up

You should always drink lemon water on an empty stomach. So, first thing in the morning, fill an 8-ounce glass with warm water and add about 1-1½ freshly squeezed lemons (2 tbsp lemon juice). Stir and drink. Do the same thing about a half hour before lunch. Make sure to eat healthy foods during the day.

Day 2: Add Mineral Water and Detoxify

Follow the instructions for Day 1—drink warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice on an empty stomach a half hour before both breakfast and lunch.

Now, drink another 2-3 liters of mineral water throughout the day. Add the juice of about 6 lemons to the mineral water for better results and simply sip the mixture all day long.

Day 3: Drink Lemon Water during Lunch

Follow the instructions for drinking lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, but at lunchtime, you can drink your lemon water with your meal instead of a half hour before eating. Continue drinking your mineral water throughout the day.


Day 4-5: Rinse and Repeat

Continue as you did for Day 3. Remember to drink your warm lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Day 6: Just 2 Glasses Of Lemon Water

Continue your Day 1 morning ritual of warm lemon water on an empty stomach. You need only to drink 1 more glass of lemon water during the day—either at lunch or dinner. You can cut back on the mineral water and lemon; just consume plain mineral or filtered water throughout the day.

Day 7: A New Habit For A Lifetime

Drink your Day 1 morning glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach and eat healthy throughout the day. If you continue this habit every morning, you will keep your body alkalinized and healthy.

This morning ritual will keep the fat at bay and boost your immune system so you are healthy all year long! Don’t forget to drink plenty of clean, fresh water throughout the day to ensure you flush out any toxins and hydrate your body.