Try the World’s 7 Easiest Exercises for Back Fat and Underarm Flab

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

exercises for back fat

Fitness is a whole-body state. Muscle strength and tone along with cardiovascular health go together to complete the picture.

No matter how fit you are, however, there are certain parts of the body that are more difficult to tone because everyday activity doesn’t fully engage those muscle groups.

General aerobic exercises don’t focus on harder-to-reach places like the back and under your arms—you have to concentrate on those.

Where you have a tendency to gain and retain weight has a lot to do with age, sex, and genetics.

While you can’t choose in the short term where first in your body you want to lose weight, you can isolate certain muscle groups with specific exercises to tone and strengthen them, reducing the appearance of fat deposits in the process.

Exercises for back fat and underarms are a great example. Moreover, exercising a particular part of the body increases blood flow and use of fat for energy in that area. (1)

7 Exercises for Back Fat and Underarm Fat

Below are seven exercises for back fat that target problem back fat and underarm bulge areas to stimulate fat loss and tone hard-to-get-at muscles.

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You don’t need special equipment or have to go to a gym to do these; all you need is a soft, firm surface (an exercise pad or yoga mat works well). Add these to your regular exercise regimen to do 2-3 times a week and you’ll quickly see the results.