19 Ways To Ease Pain From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

carpal tunnel syndrome

9. Use Homemade Pain Lotion

Over-the-counter and prescription pain creams can be unreasonably expensive – not to mention that they often contain unnecessary chemical additives.

Mix your own pain relieving lotion together with this essential oil recipe and slather on your wrists throughout the day as needed.


The compounds in essential oils are much the same as what is found in OTC pain creams – menthol and anti-inflammatory agents in their natural, potent form. (9)

10. Reorganize your Desk

Those with desk jobs that spend much of the day typing are at an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome compared to the general population.


To reduce your personal risk, make your workspace as ergonomic as possible – for your wrists AND your back. The placement of your computer, keyboard, chair, and mouse all have an effect on how much pressure is on that median nerve.