19 Ways To Ease Pain From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

carpal tunnel syndrome

17. Wrist Extender/Extensor Stretch


This exercise is going to be much like the previous one, except your palm will be facing down to start. Keeping your arm where it is (straight out), bend at the wrist until your fingers are pointed towards the floor.

It may be more comfortable to have your hand balled into a loose fist. Use your other hand to gently push your hand further down until you feel a stretch in your forearm. Hold for 15-30 seconds, and repeat 2-4 times on each side.

Wrist exercise - wrist extensor stretch

18. Spider Mirror Push-ups

Don’t worry – this move doesn’t involve actual push-ups. Begin with your hands in a prayer position. In the same movement, spread your fingers out while pushing your fingertips against each other. This will separate your palms while the fingers stretch and move around.


The ‘spider’ movement stretches all of the carpal tunnel structures in the hand and provides pain relief across the median nerve.

19. Bharadvaja’s Twist

This popular yoga pose is the only one in the list that can’t be performed at your desk (at least, not without some funny looks from coworkers). Bharadvaja’s twist is a complete body stretch will get you up and out of your chair, focused on your breathing and mind-body connection. Over time, it will improve the flexibility of your whole body, wrists included. Perform this movement/pose at least once daily.


Follow the instructions in the video closely to ensure proper form and avoid injury.

Yoga Pose - Learn how to do Bharadvajasana's Twist

These home remedies are simple, easy to perform, and most of them require no special tools or equipment. If done regularly and at (or before) the first sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery can be completely avoided.