19 Ways To Ease Pain From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

carpal tunnel syndrome

1. Take Breaks from Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks such as typing and playing instruments are some of the most common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.


If you cannot avoid these tasks, set a timer at regular intervals of 15 minutes or so. Take a break and stretch your hands, wrists, and fingers. This will improve blood flow and give your median nerve a break. (2,3)

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2. Wear a Carpal Tunnel Splint

Carpal tunnel splints are usually designed to be worn at night. The splints are designed to hold your hand and wrist in a neutral position that relieves pressure from the median nerve.

In many cases, wearing a wrist splint while sleeping is enough to provide pain relief. Should you feel the need to wear the splint during the day, make sure it doesn’t strain other parts of your hand or arm. (4,5)