7 Ways To Cause Slow and Sure Brain Cell Death

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

brain cell death

2. No Net Positive Effect From This Beverage


Brain cells shrink when exposed to alcohol, and in CT studies, there is actual brain shrinkage from alcohol over time.

This effect is more pronounced in women than men and occurs at lower levels of consumption than in men.

Alcohol also induces a thiamine deficiency, which can lead to a more serious brain disorder called Wernicke’s encephalopathy.


Symptoms include confusion, problems with muscle coordination to the point of becoming unable to walk, and problems moving the eyes due to nerve paralysis. This may progress to persistent forgetfulness and inability to learn and remember new information.

And if you can’t learn and remember new information, you end up stuck in a time warp of where you are right now. Consider giving up this bad habit once and for all. Replace it with delicious vegetable/fruit juices that are filled with antioxidants, helpful polyphenols and carotenoids that heal, nourish and regenerate.

3. Hot Dogs and Pizza Linked with Brain Cell Suicide

junk food

AGEs stands for advanced glycation end products [2]. These are small molecular fragments that do more damage than free radicals. Whatever organ they end up in, they damage proteins by gnarling DNA.


Once the DNA is gnarled, it is dysfunctional. The more proteins damaged by AGEs in an organ, the more the acceleration of aging in that organ.

The more a food is processed, the higher its content of AGEs. Boxed cereals, pizza, and hot dogs have some of the highest levels of AGEs of any foods.

Every time you heat a food to a very hot temperature, the AGEs in that food multiply exponentially. When the AGEs collect in the brain, your brain cells will start to slowly and surely die. Reconsider eating foods high in AGEs. For a list of the foods with high amounts of AGEs, see