21 Causes for Rapid Weight Gain Most People Ignore

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

rapid weight gain

3. Being Dehydrated

It is extremely common for the body to mistake thirst for hunger. In fact, a recent study found that drinking two cups of water prior to meals resulted in a whopping 30 percent more weight loss than the control group (4). Additionally, when the body is dehydrated it will conserve water – resulting in water retention and bloating. If you have trouble staying hydrated, try these fruit infusions.

4. Being Too Stressed Out

You eat right. You get plenty of exercise and try to get enough sleep. And yet, you’re still gaining weight fast. Too much stress over a long period of time causes the body to release cortisol, a hormone that causes your body to release insulin and lowers blood sugar (5). Low blood sugar then triggers hunger. Now, because you are stressed and hungry, you’re more likely to reach for cookies or ice cream as a form of comfort. This unneeded food is high in unhealthy calories, leading to weight gain. Before reaching for a snack, do some breathing exercises and drink a cup of soothing tea to help you relax.

5. Eating Too Much Salty Food

The correlation between salt and weight gain is simple: salt causes water retention, which reflects as weight gain. The good news is that by increasing water intake while decreasing sodium intake, your body will let go of the excess water. Don’t go crazy and completely avoid salt – just avoid high sodium foods or anything with added salt.