21 Causes for Rapid Weight Gain Most People Ignore

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

rapid weight gain

15. Sitting Down Too Long

Most of today’s jobs are computer-based, resulting in a very sedentary population. According to recent studies and polls, only 20 percent of jobs in the US require even moderate amounts physical activity (12). Combined with the standard American diet, and it’s no surprise that the average person weighs 30 pounds more than they did 50 years ago. Set alarms for yourself to get up and walk around, drink lots of water, and make sure to exercise moderately throughout the week. There are even some exercises you can do at your desk.

16. Avoiding the Scale

While it’s true that weight alone is not the best measure of physical fitness, it is still the easiest way to track changes in health (13). You may be secretly thinking “if I don’t step on the scale, then I won’t know how bad things actually are”. However, what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you. Weigh yourself a few times a week, and keep track of your weekly average (since weight can fluctuate from day to day). Don’t become obsessed with the number on the scale, but don’t ignore it either. Speak to your doctor if you notice any drastic changes in weight.

17. Not Using Self-Checkout

This might sound odd, but a 2007 study found that impulse purchases (referring to the candy and soda stocked near checkout lines at grocery stores) decrease significantly when using self-checkout (14). Self-checkout lines tend to move faster and aren’t usually as well-stocked with sugary items as regular lines. You’ll save time, money, and avoid more excess calories when scanning each item for yourself. Oh, and don’t go food shopping while you’re hungry (15).