This is what a panic attack looks like – here’s how to recognize if it’s happening to you

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

panic attacks

The popular television show “This is Us” depicted one of its main characters experiencing a panic attack. Audience feedback on the episode found it compelling and realistic. You can watch the scene by clicking on the link below.

What to Do if You Have a Panic Attack

If you find yourself experiencing two or more of the symptoms listed above and are feeling overwhelmingly anxious, you may be having a panic attack. The four techniques below have been found extremely effective in quelling an attack, providing coping mechanisms to work through it.

1. Acknowledge the panic attack.

Telling yourself to calm down or trying to convince yourself that nothing is wrong won’t really help you; it will exacerbate your anxiety. The best way to meet your panic is head-on. Accept that you are experiencing those terrible feelings and take control to get on top of them. Focus on the moment and your immediate surroundings: what you see, hear, smell, and what you were doing just before your anxiety mounted.


2. Breathe

Western health practices have finally recognized the importance and versatility of simple breathing for a variety of situations. It’s common during a panic attack to have difficulty breathing or to find yourself hyperventilating. Once you have acknowledged that a panic attack is occurring, begin to focus on your breath: deep inhalation in through the nose, slow exhalation through the mouth. This practice will give you something constructive to concentrate on and help to restore normal breathing and heart rate.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to practice deep belly breathing to relieve a panic attack.

How to Stop a Panic or Anxiety Attack - Deep Breathing Technique