Juicing May Be The Answer To Many Of Your Chronic Health Problems

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

juice for health

juicing-may-be-the-answer-to-many-of-your-chronic-health-problemsThe videos below are amazing and may change your life.

Juicing is a common sense approach to giving your body the nutrients it requires to be healthy.

The normal state of all living things is perfect health, yet we see the incidence of chronic, debilitating diseases on the rise all over the industrialized world.


Where We Went Wrong

There are several factors to the current state of world health—chronic disease is a symptom of the deeper problems:

All of these contribute to the deterioration of the immune system and promote an internal environment susceptible to illness. At the core of almost every disease is chronic inflammation caused by toxicity and nutrient deficiency. The body is bombarded with pathogens and the immune system isn’t up to the task of combating them because it’s not properly nourished.

There is a simple way to fight back.

Drink Yourself To Health

The video below is an interview with Jason Vale, also known as the “Juice Master”. He states, “more people die from chronic diseases than all other causes put together.” As we’ve seen, many of these maladies are preventable with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The premise is very simple: Give the body what it needs and disease disappears.


Ingesting a wide variety of organic produce contains almost every nutrient necessary for optimal human health. Juicing them together retains not only the vitamins, minerals, and fiber but critical phytonutrients (including antioxidants) that you can’t get anywhere else.

There are differences between juicing and blending and some argue one method over the other. Blending vegetables and fruits retains more fiber and antioxidants from skins, seeds, and pith. The drink is filling and satisfying, no doubt about it.

For treating chronic disease, however, Vale prefers juicing. His reason: you can cram more vegetables and a greater variety in a juice, creating a powerful, nutritious, complete detoxifying drink. He knows this from experience.

Vale’s Turnaround

Vale suffered from psoriasis, eczema, asthma, and hay fever—all symptoms of a comprimised immune system. He was obese, smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes, and drank as many as 14 pints of beer a day. His doctor prescribed drugs that made him feel worse and did little to improve his symptoms.

As Dr. Lundell says in the video, “Not one single person will be cured of heart disease, pulmonary disease, stroke, arthritis, obesity and, of course, diabetes, with our current medical approach.” Vale decided to take responsibility for his health and turned to juicing.

His asthma was gone within a month, his skin cleared and he quickly lost weight. He is convinced that the best approach to ridding and preventing chronic disease is to eat only “low human intervention foods”. That means shopping only the perimeter of the grocery store, avoiding added sugars, preservatives, and other chemicals in foods.


Taking his juicing regimen further into the wider scientific realm, Vale conducted his own study on a group of 28 people suffering from various chronic diseases, including colitis, diabetes, asthma, and chronic pain. He chronicled the study in the documentary “Super Juice Me”, below. Every one of his subjects experienced a profound turn-around in her/his state of health.

Juice For Health

Jason Vale – Super Juice Me! Documentary

Contrast this with “Super Size Me” in which Morgan Spurlock goes on a 30-day fast food-only diet and is on the verge of liver failure at the end of the month (2).

The Gerson Institute in San Diego, California is a non-profit health center that employs juicing as a large part of treating chronic disease. An independent study of the 5-year survival rates of cancer patients who subscribed to the Gerson Therapy diet found them “considerably higher than those reported elsewhere. Stage IIIA/B males had exceptionally high survival rates compared with those reported by other centers.” (3)

Other reports by the medical establishment are non-committal:

“The study looked at records of 153 patients with stage I–IV melanoma treated with the Gerson diet. Of the 14 stage I–II patients, all were disease-free at 17 years posttreatment; however, this number was too small for a statistical comparison with other cohorts. For stage III patients, the 5-year survival rate was 71% compared with rates of 27% to 42% reported in the literature. The stage IV patients had the largest survival advantage. The 5-year survival rate for these 18 patients was 39%, compared with 6% in the published literature. The analysis did not include 53 patients who were lost to follow-up, which could have influenced the survival comparisons. A small best-case series suggests that the evidence presented supports the development and conduct of a more definite clinical study on the Gerson regimen.” (4)


Food For Thought

If you’re a cynic, you might ask who would fund a recognized random controlled study whose results might very clearly show that a diet based on raw juice cures cancer. The cancer drug industry brings in $100 billion a year. The Gerson Institute is non-profit.

If you want to take the “too small for a statistical comparison” stance, let’s look at it another way: the juicing diet sure didn’t hurt them…who would argue that a glass of vegetable-fruit juice isn’t better for you than a box of Kraft mac & cheese?

Juicing Benefits

If you’re ready to give it a shot, go heavier on the vegetables than fruit;  sugar (even naturally-occurring fruit sugar) should be consumed in measured doses. You can add whatever herbs and spices you like for added phytochemicals and flavor.

Brain Health: a study at Vanderbilt University found that drinking vegetable-fruit juice more than three times a week reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by seventy-six percent (5).

Energy Boost: antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals—along with vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars—rev the body’s engines quickly off the mark.

Improved Nutrient Absorption: nutrients are squeezed out of the produce, in effect pre-digesting them and making them easier for your body to use.


Larger Vegetables Quantities and Variety: because you’re leaving out the pulp, you can cram more nutrients and different kinds of produce into a concentrated volume.

Supports The Immune System: raw means that none of the nutrients have been cooked out—you get the full spectrum of nutrition that is absorbed quickly by your cells without having to spend too much time making its way through the digestive system.

There is no question that what you eat directly correlates to how you feel. Juicing may be the answer to healing you body.