Here’s Why The Amish RARELY Get Cancer

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

amish cancer

amish rarely get cancer

The Amish way of life isn’t typically considered to be trailblazing.

But when it comes to health and longevity, studies are showing that the Amish may be up to something.  The Amish rarely get cancer.


In fact, a study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control found virtually no instances of cancer among the Amish population of Holmes County, Ohio. Out of 26 000 individuals, only 191 cancer cases were identified between the years 1996 and 2003 (1).

Surprisingly, the researchers who conducted the study weren’t expecting to find such a low cancer rate.

In fact, they theorized that the Amish would have higher instances of cancer because of their small gene pool, which should have increased the incidence of cancer-related gene mutations. Instead, this small gene pool, combined with a few lifestyle factors, may be responsible for their low cancer rate (2).

Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

The secret to Amish health lies in their restrictive lifestyle. As you probably know, the Amish are a conservative Christian group that shuns conveniences of the modern world because they believe that modern technology negatively impacts humility, family, community, and faith.

While most Amish communities shun modern society as a whole, others are more open minded and may embrace technology as long as it doesn’t disrupt family and community stability (3).

1. They Lead A Humble Life

Amish families rely on hard labour to survive. In fact, Amish children quickly learn how to build homes and furniture as well as how to tend to the land. This constant exercise maintains their cardiovascular health and keeps their organs and tissues fueled with essential nutrients and oxygen.


The Amish also don’t smoke or drink, aren’t sexually promiscuous, and keep their skin covered from the harsh sun. These habits reduce their risk of developing certain cancers.

2. They Make Everything At Home

Since Amish people shun modern conveniences, they don’t use the chemical-laden products popular in American homes, such as dishwasher soap, deodorant, fragrance plug-ins and toxic cleaning products.

Amish people also aren’t exposed to cancer-causing EMFs in their daily life because they simply don’t own any appliances or electronics.

3. They Eat Organic Food

Most Amish communities grow their own organic food and use heirloom seeds, which tend to be more biological compatible with the human body than GMO seeds.

Plus, these communities don’t rely on herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizer and their meat and dairy products don’t contain any hormones or antibiotics.

4. They Believe In Traditional Medicine

Amish people experience fewer medical interventions throughout their lifetime than other Americans. When they have a medical problem, most Amish families rely on traditional medicine and natural remedies to get their health back on track. Some even prefer reflexologists and chiropractors to conventional doctors (4).


This limits their exposure to liver-damaging pharmaceuticals and the potentially devastating side-effects of conventional drugs.

Although Amish people are often ridiculed for their choices, they do seem to have it right when it comes to living a carcinogen-free life. While joining them may be a bit of a stretch, it’s worth looking into following a more natural lifestyle to ensure better long-term health.