Never Use Ginger If You Have Any of These Conditions – It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

ginger root

Ginger root is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive superfood. The spice is recommended as a natural medicine for many physical ailments due to its nutrients and health-supporting phytochemicals.

There are situations, however, in which ginger is a less-than-optimal supplement to your diet and can exacerbate an already existing problem.

When To Avoid Ginger Root

Here are some of the situations in which ginger should be avoided because of their risks.

1. Blood Disorders

Ginger root is a blood anti-coagulant that promotes circulation.

In the case of some blood conditions like hemophilia (in which blood coagulation does not occur properly), thinner blood can exacerbate the condition, making a small cut into a possibly life-threatening hemorrhage.

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Beneficial due to exactly these effects for cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and high cholesterol, it’s best to avoid ginger if you have a blood condition without discussing it first with your healthcare provider.