Essential Oil to Stop Cigarette Cravings, Fight Infections, and Flush Out Toxins

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

black pepper essential oil

You may use black pepper to simply out of habit but what you don’t know about this spice may help you. In addition to its use in food for flavor and to increase the bioavailability of other foods, its oil is just as beneficial.

As with all essential oils, black pepper essential oil is extracted (from peppercorns) by steam distillation to reduce it down to its blood and guts, as it were. In this way, we get all the phytochemicals in a concentrated form.

Black pepper is an antioxidant, antiseptic, and digestive aid that you can use topically, through inhalation, or added to foods to reap its many benefits. Following are some ways to use this precious black pepper oil, some of which you may not know.


You may choose to add this to your go-to essential oil pantry, along with lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, mint, and others.

9 Benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil

Make sure to stick to organic food-grade black pepper essential oils.

1. Detoxify

Your body rids itself of toxins through the digestive system and perspiration. Piperine is a phytochemical in black pepper that not only makes it spicy but also offers exceptional antioxidant activity. What’s more, piperine protects cells from DNA damage and stimulates detoxifying enzymes that have been found to enhance pathogen destruction and prevent the formation of cancerous cells. (1) Additionally, piperine raises your internal temperature, making you sweat, thereby furthering detoxifying mechanisms.

2. Anti-cancer

Black pepper essential oil inhibits cancer cell proliferation. (2) Significant antioxidant activity through various phytochemical processes helps to prevent cancer from starting in the first place.