Essential Oil to Stop Cigarette Cravings, Fight Infections, and Flush Out Toxins

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

black pepper essential oil

3. Antiviral


Viruses are tough to treat when they hit. Influenza “the flu” is the most common virus that infects humans. While there are some pharmaceuticals that can kill it, black pepper has no side effects.

In fact, in one study, this remarkable spice exhibited 50-60% antiviral activity against the flu. (3) Furthermore, piperine is a potent antioxidant that supports the immune system.


4. Appetite Stimulant

As a result of illness and some types of treatment, we can lose our appetite. For people wanting to lose weight, that may sound like a good thing. Without proper nutrition, however, our bodies don’t function properly.

This can exacerbate an existing health problem. Olfactory stimulation (inhalation) of black pepper oil stimulates appetite.


This has been shown particularly effective in ill children who would otherwise be fed through a tube. (4)

5. Stimulates Bile

The piperine in black pepper promotes bile flow (5), which is important to:


6. Curbs Cigarette Cravings

A big obstacle to quitting smoking is the withdrawal symptoms that accompany the process. Inhalation of black pepper oil vapor can significantly reduce the craving for cigarettes, according to Research from the Nicotine Research Laboratory at the V.A. Medical Center in Durham, N.C. (7)

Use it as part of your natural smoking cessation plan.