8 Bizarre Looking Veggies That Are Good For You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

romanesco cauliflower

Shopping for fresh produce at the farmer’s market is always an exciting experience.

Aside from getting the best, most fresh, and nutrient-packed ingredients for your family meals, the farmer’s market offers a number of less common vegetables that you might not see in the grocery store.

Here are eight of the most bizarre looking veggies you might find and their nutrition-packed health benefits.


Don’t judge them before you try them!

1. Purple Potatoes


Purple potatoes might look abnormal, but they are almost exactly the same nutritionally as red new potatoes.

The vibrant purple inside can make an awesome addition to the color of a meal. Research also shows that new potatoes and purple potatoes are a significant source of antioxidants[1].

Not only do they look interesting and add flair to a meal, they can also help you fight off disease and sickness.