8 Bizarre Looking Veggies That Are Good For You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

romanesco cauliflower

2. Chioggia Beets



These “candy cane” style beets have a red-striped interior. They keep their color when you cook them, but they are best served raw in salads.

Beets offer a variety of health benefits. They might be able to improve athletic performance and they are known to provide high levels of fiber, foliate and potassium[2].


3. Orange Cauliflower


Canadian farmers first started growing this strange-colored cauliflower about three decades ago.

A natural genetic mutation caused the plant to absorb excessive amounts of beta-carotene—the same pigment found in carrots. As a result, the flowering head of the plant turns bright orange.


It tastes the same as white cauliflower.

The added benefits of beta-carotene rich foods are numerous. Some studies suggest that beta-carotene and foods high in vitamin A—like the orange cauliflower—are excellent ways to prevent disease and cancer[3].