8 Bizarre Looking Veggies That Are Good For You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

romanesco cauliflower

6. Green Zebra Tomatoes


These tomatoes are more “spicy” than traditional red tomatoes. They are an excellent addition to salads—the perfect raw tomato treat and an ideal injection of new flavors.

Green tomato extracts contain high levels of tomatine. A 2009 study determined that green tomato extracts were effective for inhibiting the growth of breast, colon, liver, and stomach cancer in humans[7].


7. Purple Spring Garlic


The white varieties of garlic that you see at the grocery store are usually grown overseas. Purple spring garlic—you often find it complete with green shoots extending from the bulb—are often grown locally.

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and radical scavenger that removes toxins from your body[8]. Scientists also discovered that the garlic compound allicin has microbial properties[9].

8. Romanesco Broccoli


You can usually find this interestingly shaped vegetable in the spring and early summer. It’s closely related to traditional broccoli and has a high level of vitamin C.

It’s one of many broccoli variants that you might now know about.


By far, the most valuable element of broccoli is the cancer fighting compound sulforaphane.

Research suggests that raw broccoli is one of the most potent and powerful cancer preventing vegetables[10].

Unfortunately, not enough people eat it and if they do it’s usually cooked. Try adding broccoli to salads or eating it as a snack to get the most of it’s health benefits.