This Old School Russian Remedy Will Clean Out Your Liver With Only ONE Ingredient!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

liver detox

We find ourselves damaging our liver almost all the time; eating all the wrong foods and indulging in bad habits.

This causes the liver to work overtime. But, even if we limit our poor diet and bad habits, we still cannot completely protect the liver from the toxins that creep into our body, as they always find a way through air pollution, and even prescription drugs.

Yes, that is the reality, but on the bright side one cheap fruit offers amazing results when used as a treatment for liver detoxification. It cleanses the liver effectively, allowing it to function properly and helps remove toxin build-up and other poisonous substances. Strong liver means – better bile production, which in turn improves overall digestion.


The Secret Ingredient

Finding the right grapes; the ones that are not sprayed with sulfur dioxide, requires patience and care. While shopping, do not buy grapes that have bright yellowish color as they are the ones treated with sulfur. Do not go for ‘great raisins’ either, as they too are chemically treated. Instead, go for organic raisins that have dull and wrinkled appearance; they are neither too soft, nor too hard.

If your raisins have tails, then they are perfect, as tails are the indicators of natural raisins. Bluish black raisins are also great; they are derived from dark vine varieties. When it comes to grapes, choose those that are brown in color, either dark or light, depending on the grape variety.

Liver Detox Recipe


  • half a cup of grapes
  • boiled water


When you wake up, soak about half a cup of grapes in warm water for 15 minutes. After that, rinse them thoroughly under tap water. Then put the cleaned grapes in a glass filled with boiled water. Make sure to cover the grapes completely. Now, leave the mixture until tomorrow.

Next morning, drink the water and eat the grapes on an empty stomach and lie down for an hour or so. While lying down, put a hot compress; for example hot water bottle on the right side of the abdomen. You can follow this routine once every week.


How Do Grapes Help in Liver Detoxification?

Grapes contain two important compounds; Resveratrol and proanthocyanidins. Resveratrol is the main nutrient in grapes which help protect against free radicals and in turn supports toxins removal from the body.

Proanthocyanidins’ antioxidant properties are far greater than Vitamin C and E which protects against various health conditions; including liver damage. These results have been established by various studies such as the ones published in the journal ‘Toxicology’ and ‘Critical Reviews in Food, Science and Nutrition’. According to the studies, the antioxidants found in grapes play a central role in the prevention as well as the treatment of many liver diseases.