He Thought He’d Never Hear His Wife’s Voice Again. Then, His Phone Provider Stepped In… *Tears*

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

lost voice mail message

Stan Beaton had been married to wife Ruby for 20 years when he lost her in 2003 to stomach cancer.

After Ruby died, Stan got to keep a small part of Ruby with him: her recorded voice on their outgoing voice mail message.

However, when Virgin Media performed an unexpected landline upgrade, the recording disappeared and Stan felt Ruby’s loss all over again. For all those years he hadn’t changed companies for fear of losing the recording.


Somehow, engineers at Virgin heard the story and attempted to retrieve the lost message.

Now, Virgin’s Executive Director of Engineering Rob Evans is pleased to report that the recording has been found again. Watch the video as Stan gets to hear his beloved Ruby’s voice after thinking it was gone for good.

Stan Beaton and the Lost Voicemail.