This French Beekeeper Trained His Bees To Make Honey From Cannabis

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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this-french-beekeeper-trained-his-bees-to-make-honey-from-cannabisHoney and cannabis are some of the most healing natural substances known to man.


While one is available nearly all over the world, the other still remains highly controversial and mostly illegal.

Inspired by his personal journey with medical marijuana, French beekeeper Nicholas “Trainer-bees” has combined the two to create a new medicinal product he calls “cannahoney”.


Nicholas, who is also an artist and locksmith, says he trained his bees after gathering resin from his cannabis plants. The beekeeper explains that bees collected the resin and brought it home to their hive.

“I have trained bees to do several things, such as collect sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers,” Nicholas said. “The aim arose for me to get the bees to obtain this resin.”

Here’s a video of his bees hard at work:


Although cannahoney has not been lab-tested, Nicholas says the product is potent and brings together the benefits of both honey and cannabis.

Nicholas began turning towards cannabis after suffering from hyperactivity since childhood. He stumbled upon websites that suggested the use of marijuana to control the condition and gave it a try. He’s never looked back.


Nicholas has had his fair share of criticism. Many doubt the healing benefits of the honey while others are concerned about the welfare of the bees.

“The bees that produce the cannahoney are not affected by cannabinoids because they do not have an endocannabinoid system,” he insists.

It’s taken the beekeeper two years to perfect the product and prove that his methods don’t harm bees. Now, he says, he can make products with nearly any strain of cannabis, including child-friendly varieties.


While it’s a long way before the product’s benefits are lab-tested and the honey is sold on a larger scale, the future seems bright for Nicholas and his busy bees.