How To Use Herbalized Oils In Your Nose To Detox And Flush Out Toxins From Your Brain

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

nasya oil

how-to-use-herbalized-oils-in-your-nose-to-detoxHave you ever heard about “Nasya?”

It’s considered one the top healing techniques used in Ayurveda.

Nasya is the nasal inhalation of herbalized oils into the sinuses.


This is done to help detox the lymphatic vessels in the brain also known as “sagittal sinus.” (1)

Why Should You Do This?

More and more studies are showing that the lymphatics in your brain are related to mood stability.

And when they’re congested or overloaded with waste, it can cause a host of mental and emotional concerns. (2,3,4)

How to Do Nasya Using Ayurvedic Nasya Oil

How to Do Nasya Using Ayurvedic Nasya Oil


  1. Place 3-5 drops of Nasya oil into each nostril.
  2. Sniff 2-3 times to inhale the Nasya oil
  3. Gently massage the outside of the nasal passages to help the absorption
  4. Relax and take deep breaths.

If you find that the oil is slipping into the back of your throat. You can fix this by adjusting the tilt of your head or using less oil.