This Hospital Prescribes Organic Fruit & Vegetables to Patients and The Results are Remarkable

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

fruits and vegetables

What do you expect when you go to the doctor’s office and the doctor flips out his prescription pad?

More often than not, you would expect a written code for some prescription drug for whatever ailment you’re experiencing.

This is very common in the doctor’s office: a patient gets sick, goes to see the doctor, doctor tries to figure out what’s wrong, and then writes out a prescription.


Rather than focusing on the cause, most time the symptoms are just treated with drugs and more drugs. Well, in today’s 11-minute video, there is one doctor that set out to change the way prescriptions are given out…

Revolutionary Doctor Prescribes Vegan! Transforming Health Care!

“The first physician ever, Hippocrates, said let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food, and that’s what I really want to teach my patients, and not just teach patients, I want doctors to start getting that message too.,” Dr. Garth Davis said.

While a small handful of hospitals like his have begun making rational changes to their menus involving organic food, this promising new project could up the ante, and in the process change the way hospitals do prescriptions forever.

Dr. Garth Davis is a leader in the field of bariatric medicine and you can read more of his profile at The Davis Clinic and at Memorial Herman Hospital.