Fifteen Ways Allicin From Fresh-Crushed Garlic Beats Big Pharma’s Best Drugs

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

garlic benefits

10. Lead Detox

Lead is a heavy metal neurotoxin for humans and its found in household products and even food. Garlic is more effective and safer for treating lead poisoning than its pharmaceutical counterparts. (27)

11. Prevents Lung Cancer

Garlic breath may be pungent but that’s how you know it’s working to support your lungs. The organosulfur compounds in garlic are especially supportive of lung health. One study found that eating raw garlic at least twice a week can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 44%. Allicin in garlic also fights pneumonia infection and eases congestion.

12. Pancreas Support

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The pancreas is responsible for secreting insulin, the body’s hormone for metabolizing blood sugar into cell energy. Now more than ever, the pancreas is often overwhelmed by the amount of insulin and other hormones it has to produce to counteract the over-consumption of sugars. We hear a lot about type 2 diabetes, which almost always is caused by diet and lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes (also known as juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes) is a chronic autoimmune disease and is different from type 2 in that the pancreas secretes little or no insulin. (28)

Allicin in garlic repairs pancreatic tissue, which allows for the production of insulin. It’s been recommended for prevention and therapy for type 1 diabetes. (29)

13. Safe During Pregnancy

All pharmaceuticals are suspect for pregnant women because of potential harm to the developing baby. Garlic is safe to eat while pregnant. Group B Strep (GBS) is a fairly common bacterium that infects women during pregnancy, so much so that routine tests for the virus are performed during the third trimester. If untreated, GBS can cause stillbirth and be passed to the infant. Garlic has been proven effective in killing this infection while inflicting no harm to mother or child. (30)

14. Tuberculosis Treatment

TB is one of the leading causes of death worldwide (often in conjunction with HIV), especially in developing countries. Strains of TB have evolved that are highly resistant to conventional antibiotics, allowing this highly contagious disease to spread. The potential for pandemic is very real if this pathogen isn’t curbed. Garlic extract kills TB bacteria by inhibiting protein synthesis while stimulating immune cell activity and counteracting inflammation. (31) Further, garlic works quickly, showing a significant reduction in bacterial infection within 24 hours of administration. (32)

15. Candida Solution

Candida albicans is a normal fungus that lives in the digestive tract. When it grows out of control, women can suffer with a vaginal yeast infection. For many, it’s a chronic condition. Prescription ointments and suppositories are the most popular form of treatment but garlic has them beat. Research has shown allicin is equally or more effective than common pharmaceuticals in suppressing Candida growth (drug: fluconazole) and more effective at killing Candida (drug: nystatin). (33, 34) For ways to prevent infection, click here.

Bottom Line

Many, if not all, pharmaceuticals are based on naturally-occurring substances—the laboratory imitates nature. In some ways it’s easier to pop a pill than to implement diet changes and change your daily life. The issues with synthetic drugs become increasingly dire as their long-term effects are now manifesting after decades of use.

The human body doesn’t like foreign substances of any kind. From a splinter to a virus, coping mechanisms kick in to fix the problem. A laboratory chemical may alleviate a symptom but it will never cure a problem because it isn’t part of natural human chemistry and the body will somehow fight against it.

Rather than popping that pill that is based on nature, it makes sense to use the natural substance at the outset. Your body recognizes these garlic benefits and can use them to actually heal and promote wellness.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the ways garlic can replace pharmaceuticals. It is a start and hopefully provides some insight into just one small sample of Nature’s medicine cabinet.

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