Fruit Peels Help Remove Heavy Metals and Purify Water

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

banana peels

Did you know that fruit can purify water?

The peels of some popular fruits are efficient absorbers of many harmful pollutants—even heavy metal pollutants. Some can also clear water of harmful bacteria.

It’s an overall vital part of getting clean water in areas of the world that don’t have proper sanitation, but it can also mean something to you at home too.


Before you drink water that comes out of the tap it is processed through filters and chemically treated. These steps are necessary to make sure it is safe.

After the sanitation process, the water enters pipes underground and travels to your home.

Along the way it has the opportunity to pick up plenty of heavy metals you don’t want to drink.

Have you ever seen the inside of an old pipe? It might make you think twice about drinking unfilitered tap water.