Top 10 Foods That Reverse Fatty Liver

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Today, we’re going to talk about the top 10 foods that reverse fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is one of the most widespread diseases in the world, affecting 25% of people globally, including children. Yet, most of us know surprisingly little about it.

Top 10 Foods that Reverse Fatty Liver

So, what is fatty liver disease, or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)?

It’s a medical condition characterized by an excessive build-up of fat in the liver cells. In short, you have a liver full of fat.


Why is that a problem?

Well, fatty liver causes inflammation in the body, which triggers insulin resistance, and pre-diabetes, which causes your body to deposit fat not just in your liver but also in your other organs and your belly (called visceral fat).

If left unaddressed, fatty liver leads to chronic diseases like diabetes, liver cirrhosis, heart disease, and even cancer. In the worst case, a liver transplant is needed.

You might not know this, but sugar, not fat, creates fatty liver. The high fructose corn syrup found in the processed foods we eat is the single biggest cause of fatty liver.

Fructose is the primary sweetener in soda, which makes soda a major culprit of fatty liver. What happens is, fructose goes directly to the liver and sharply increases lipogenesis (fat production in the liver).

To detect fatty liver, you’ll need to get a blood test or ultrasound. However, the bottom line is, if you eat a lot of sugar and flour, if you have extra belly fat, or if you crave carbs, starch, and sugar, you probably have fatty liver.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the top 10 foods you should eat, not only to prevent but also reverse nonalcoholic fatty liver disease at the initial stage.


Make sure you watch this video until the end, because some of these foods may come as a real surprise to you! So if you’re ready, let’s get into it.

As always, this video is educational and does not construe medical advice, we are not doctors.

10. Egg yolks

You’re probably thinking: “Hold on, egg yolks are all fat — how is this supposed to help me with my fatty liver?”

Here’s how it works: egg yolks contain high doses of choline[1], an essential nutrient that is made in small quantities by the liver, while the majority we must get through our diet.

Choline is essential for the process of removing the cholesterol from the liver, and there is an established correlation between choline deficiency and non-alcoholic fatty liver. [2]

So, go ahead and crack an egg or two into the pan — that omelet or sunny-side-up may just be what your liver needs.

If you’re looking for other choline-rich foods than beef liver, fish, nuts, broccoli, and cauliflower are great options.