Simple 7-Minute Routine To Prevent Sciatica Pain

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

prevent sciatica pain

simple-7-minute-routine-to-prevent-sciatica-painSciatica pain is a common problem affecting Americans young and old.

This pain spread from your lower back, to your hips and buttocks and unto your leg (1). It usually only affects one side of your body.

Common Causes Include:

  • Herniated disk
  • Bone spur on the spine
  • Narrowing of the spine (spinal stenosis)

These conditions compress the sciatic nerve, causing inflammation, pain and numbness in the body.

If you experience sciatica pain or simply have tight back muscles, this quick morning routine will help alleviate your symptoms.

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1. Meditation

Meditation affects the brain’s response to pain. This is achieved not by reducing the sensory experience of pain, but rather by diminishing the distress associated to this sensation (2).

Meditation actually release endorphins in a similar way to exercise (3). These endorphins are as powerful as prescription pain medication.

How to Meditate

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Focus on a soothing sound or image in your mind for 2 minutes.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • If you begin to wander, recall this sound or image.