6 Weird Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction. #5 Will Definitely Surprise You.

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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3. High Blood Pressure



This condition is the cause of a whole host of maladies, ED just one. Hypertension damages blood vessels by constantly pushing against the arteries—which, over time, affects the flow of blood throughout the body. Some of the drugs prescribed to treat hypertension can contribute to ED as well.  There may be alternatives to these meds—ask your physician.

4. Medications for Prostate and Hair Loss



Studies of common prostate and male-patterned baldness drugs published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found direct correlation between taking these medications and ED.  The drugs work by reducing the level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in the blood, leading to decreased libido.

5. Bicycling


Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that:


“There is a significant relationship between cycling-induced perineal compression leading to vascular, endothelial, and neurogenic dysfunction in men and the development of ED. Research on female bicyclists is very limited but indicates the same impairment as in male bicyclists. Preventative measures including use of a properly fitted bicycle, a riding style with a suitable seat position and an appropriate bicycle seat can help prevent impairment of erectile function.”

6. Depression


Your mental health and state of mind affect every part of your well-being. Severe depression can lead to sexual problems, which in turn can make the sufferer more depressed. Some of the antidepressant drugs prescribed can in themselves cause sexual difficulties—up to half of all people who take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) experience some kind of sexual dysfunction.

Sexual health is important to overall health. If you or someone you know is challenged with erectile dysfunction, there may be easy ways to identify and treat it—for both of you.



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