5 Healthy Snacks that can Improve Low Testosterone Levels

by Amy Morris

Men as young as 30 years old are now showing signs of low testosterone. Some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels include; lowered libido, brain fog and fewer erections upon waking.

But help may be at hand in the form of some healthy snacks that have been proven to naturally raise your levels of testosterone.


#1 Eat More of This Fatty Fruit

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that men with high intakes of monounsaturated fat had lower LDL cholesterol and more testosterone. The LDL type cholesterol has been found to not only clog arteries, but leads to erectile dysfunction when not addressed.


A healthy snack option rich in monounsaturated fat is an avocado. Try mashing it up and spreading it on a gluten-free organic bread, and to make it more filling and protein rich – top with shreds of organic wild smoked salmon.