5 Health Risks Associated with Low Testosterone Levels

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

2. Cardiovascular Problems

This is a frequently debated topic in the scientific community, however many studies show a link between heart problems and low testosterone[2].

Preliminary clinical trials suggest that testosterone supplementation may help men with heart disease.

The best medicine, however, is preventative medicine.


A natural diet that can stimulate testosterone levels might be effective at presenting cardiovascular problems.

Many researchers worry and argue over potential risks of testosterone injections or supplementation, so a healthy diet approach is usually the best course of action to prevent low levels.

3. Diabetes

One area where testosterone therapy is known to help is with insulin response.

Diabetes is the result of your body failing to react to insulin—in some cases your body becomes insulin resistant.

A recent study demonstrates a connection between testosterone supplementation in people with diabetes and an improved insulin response[3].

This suggests that low levels of testosterone might be a risk factor for diabetes.