5 Health Risks Associated with Low Testosterone Levels

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

4. Obesity

Research published by the University of Goteborg in Sweden proves that increasing testosterone levels can help middle-aged men lose weight[4].

There is a direct link between metabolism and testosterone. Men with lower testosterone levels are more likely to store nutrients as fat, particularly as abdominal fats.

The Swedish study suggests that improving testosterone levels over the course of eight months results in weight loss, improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol decrease and better insulin response.


The fact is that obesity and the health conditions related to it might be a clear sign of low testosterone levels.

5. Aging

What we are really talking about with all of these symptoms is aging.

Getting older is the primary indicator of low testosterone levels. There is nothing you can do about getting older. Research indicates that as you age, testosterone drops.

Because the studies investigated here demonstrate that many of the conditions and diseases associated with old age are really the result of low testosterone, it’s clear that testosterone replacement or methods of keeping testosterone levels high are the key to preventing the aging process.

Recent research argues that, in older men, testosterone replacement is justified, as it improves the health condition of aging men[5].