5 Health Risks Associated with Low Testosterone Levels

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Testosterone plays an important role in the health of men.

Testosterone levels are highest during teenage years and early adulthood but they slowly decrease over time.

Many major health problems are tied directly to low testosterone levels and scientists are beginning to look to testosterone as the key to battling the aging process.


Here are some health risks associated with low testosterone levels.

1. Anemia

Anemia occurs when you body does not produce enough red blood cells. It is a major health concern because blood cells transport oxygen to keep your body functioning properly.

Anemia can sap your energy away and cause disruptions to vital processes. Recent research proves that low levels of testosterone produce a high risk of anemia in men and women[1].

Many times doctors treat anemia with iron supplements and medication to boost red blood cell production. The root cause of anemia, especially in aging men, is likely to be declining testosterone levels.

A diet rich in foods that promote testosterone production might help prevent anemia and its harmful health consequences.