5 Nutrient Deficiencies You Don’t Know You Have!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

nutrient deficiencies

2. Vitamin K2

Chances are you haven’t even heard of K2, let alone know that you might be deficient. This little vitamin is crucial for heart health, bone strength, and it even helps your body route calcium to the right parts of the body. Without direction, calcium can end up in wrong places like your soft tissue or your arteries. In other words, K2 is critical for keeping your bones strong and your arteries clear. 

You might be deficient if you have osteoporosis and tartar build up on the teeth. This can cause tooth decay eventually. Your teeth will show signs not only through tartar but cavities and crookedness as well. Kidney stones are also a common indicator of the deficiency.

To get more try eating more fermented foods, cod liver oil, organic butter, and aged cheeses. Egg yolks can also be beneficial for getting back on track.

3. Magnesium

Likely the most well known of vitamin deficiencies, magnesium is really lacking in our western diet. Magnesium assists the body through regulating over 325 enzymes. In addition, it also plays a key role in the elimination of toxins, regulating muscle control, and controls energy production.

You might be deficient if you feel weak, fatigued, nauseous, or are experiencing a loss of appetite. Leg cramps and muscle twitches are also common. As well as insomnia, anxiety, and sometimes constipation. As you can see, your body seems to fall apart without, it is very good about telling you if its deficient.

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To get more try adding leafy greens like spinach or swiss chard to your morning smoothie. Or indulge yourself with some dark chocolate or cacao. Mineral water is a nice addition to your routine and can help get your magnesium levels back on track. Finally you can supplement with magnesium oil or take a nice epsom salt bath.

4. Vitamin A

This immunity boosting vitamin is also essential for a healthy vision, hormone synthesis, and communication on a cellular level. In addition, Vitamin A plays a role in healthy skin and the production of thyroid hormones (T3).

You might be deficient if you have low energy levels, PMS, or thyroid issues. Cavities are also an indicator of deficiency. Also be on the lookout for red bumps on the back of the arms.

To get more eat more eggs, carrots, liver and cod liver oil. Carotenoid vegetables and bright colored fruits can also be helpful.

5. Glycine

An amino acid that acts as a sanitation engineer (trashman). Glycine helps flush the toxins out of your body, especially when you’re not getting enough nutrients. This little powerhouse is needed to regulate the detoxification reactions in your liver.

You might be deficient if you have blood sugar and gut issues. Constipation and poor detoxification can also be signs. Excess weight and PMS also factor into glycine deficiencies. Generally if you feel bloated, like you’re carrying excess weight, or just plain fatigued or tired you may be experiencing low glycine levels.

To get more try increasing your meat and fish portions at dinner. Add in a side of beans or have some yogurt. This amino acid is found in high protein foods so be sure to get enough at each meal.

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