5 Energy-Boosting Chia Seed Recipes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

3. Chia Soy Glazed Salmon


This combination of chia seeds and salmon might be the best possible way to pack omega-3 fatty acids into a meal. The simple sauce for this salmon has only three ingredients: brown sugar (feel free to substitute agave or another sweetener, for a healthier alternative), rice wine vinegar, chia seeds, and reduced-sodium soy sauce.

Just marinate your salmon (wild, preferably) in the mixture for 15 minutes, toss it under the broiler, and cook until the fish flakes easily.


Sprinkle with chia seeds for a crunchy garnish! Find the recipe here.

4. Green Chia Protein Smoothie

cooking-with-chia-smoothierecipes5Chia seeds are a great way to bulk up a smoothie, boosting its nutrition and making it more filling. This green smoothie packs a powerful protein punch – simply holding it will make you look healthier.

Blend up the protein powder of your choice (this recipe calls for vanilla whey, but there are countless options out there), chia seeds, spinach, unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana, a dash of cinnamon and the sweetener of your choice.

Find the recipe for chia protein smoothies and other chia seed recipes at bodybuilding.com.