5 DIY Natural Recipes to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

2. Herbal Sleep Aid Spray Recipe


  • 2 ounces valerian root, dried
  • 0.5 ounces passionflower, dried
  • 0.25 ounces hop flowers, dried
  • 0.25 catnip, dried
  • water, approximately 3/4 cup (180 ml)
  • vegetable glycerin to cover, approximately 2 cups (480 ml)
  • 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) lavender extract, optional
  • 4-6 drops vanilla pure flavor extract, optional


1. Using a kitchen scale, weigh out the dried herbs.


2. Put herbs into a quart-sized glass Mason jar.

3. Bring 3/4 cup of water just to a boil and pour over herbs just to moisten.

4. Measure out the vegetable glycerin and pour it over herbs to cover, filling the jar.

5. Seal the jar and shake until mixture is well combined.

6. Set the jar in a warm place and shake once or twice daily.

7. After 2-4 weeks, strain liquid through a cheesecloth. Squeeze as much of the menstruum as possible out of the plant material. Note: If so desired, repeat steps 1-7 using the liquid extract that is strained in place of the water and vegetable glycerin. This is referred to as a double infusion, and produces a much stronger, more effective medicine.


8. Add lavender extract and vanilla pure flavor extract when using.

9. Pour the extract into dark amber glass bottles with mister pumps. Label the bottles with the name, herbs, date made, and menstruum used. Will keep for approximately 2-3 years.

Recommended Usage

Administer 3 sprays directly under the tongue as needed or as directed by a professional health care provider. Keep out of reach of children.