13 Best Foods That Naturally Cleanse The Liver

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

2. Garlic

You can never have too much garlic in your diet. Garlic has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It contains numerous sulfur compounds that activate liver enzymes responsible for flushing out toxins from the body.


This bulbous relative of the onion also contains allicin and selenium,
two powerful nutrients proven to help protect the liver from damage, and aid it in the detoxification process.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in natural vitamin C and antioxidants, which act as liver cleansers. Like garlic, grapefruit contains compounds that boost the production of liver detoxification enzymes.


This citrus fruit also contains a flavonoid compound known as naringenin that helps the liver burn fat rather than store it. Grapefruits are delicious on their own or with your favorite breakfast cereal, mixed into salads, or even juiced.

4. Artichokes

Artichokes are a delicious and nutritious vegetable that can protect your liver from damage and promote growth of new tissue.

The cynarin, chlorogenic acid, and other compounds in artichokes increase the production of bile, which helps remove harmful toxins from your liver. If you want to live longer and healthier, eat more artichoke!