5 Exercises You Don’t Do but Should

5 Exercises You Don’t Do but Should

Getting yourself to the gym is a great accomplishment in itself. Many people never take that step to improve their health and their lives. But since you do, don’t you think you should be doing the best and most efficient exercises to make the most out of your time? Spending time at the gym is only as effective as you make it.

Getting stuck in the same routine diminishes the results you get from your workouts and can leave you bored and uninterested in your workouts.

It’s important for your mind and your body to vary things; the more confused your muscles are, the better the results you’ll see from your time at the gym.

Take this opportunity to read about 5 exercises you likely aren’t doing but definitely should. It’s a great chance to start mixing up your workouts and getting more for your time and money.

1. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swing

The swing is a great exercise that many people ignore in the gym. It’s best when used with a kettlebell, but works fine with a dumbbell as well. The hip workout you get from a swing is hard to beat and helps in any athletic activity. Make sure you drive the hips forward while driving your heels into the ground to get the most out of the exercise.

2. Swimming

Plain and simple, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your entire body. In many ways it is the perfect exercise for humans. Joints do not bear force or weight while swimming. In addition to that, swimming is one of, if not the most calorie intensive exercises you can do. Your muscles and lungs will be worked in different ways compared to non-swimming exercises and you can burn upwards of 450 calories depending on the stroke in as little as 30 minutes. Talk about an efficient use of your time!

3. Arched Back Pull-ups

If you’re into fitness, you know how important and beneficial exercises like pull-ups are. They work your entire upper body from the back to the forearms. Pull-ups are one of the best body weight exercises you can do. The reason an arched back pull-up is more efficient than a regular pull-up is because it works all of your pulling muscles at once. Arching your back using a neutral grip gives you a horizontal and vertical pull in one motion while also intensely working the abdominal area. When you reach the top of the pull your chest should touch your hands and your back and legs should be near-parallel with the floor. Click here for more information about arched back pull-ups and back exercises.

4. Overhead Squat

This is an exercise that you must be careful with, to ensure you don’t use too much weight when you start. It involves holding an Olympic bar overhead in a wide grip. Keep your shoulders squeezed and arms extended while you enter a squat and push yourself back up. This exercise is great because it improves strength, flexibility, balance, core strength, and also helps to improve stabilization in your shoulders.

5. Renegade Rows / Walking Renegade Rows

While it has a tough sounding name, it really isn’t too bad once you start incorporating this exercise into your regular workouts. A renegade row is great for anyone because it works every muscle in the upper body at once. Your legs and core also get a workout as they stabilize your body to keep you balanced and in control of the weights. These can be done with kettlebells or dumbbells (hex-shaped are best) and simply involve a few simple steps. For a better idea of how to do renegade rows, check out this video:


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  • pics please

    you should have pictures of each exercise – i so dislike articles that use text when a simple picture would do

    • 4shotkills

      are you serious ? ? you’re whining just because theres no pictures ? geezus

      • starskeptic

        are you serious?? you’re whining just because someone raised an appropriate point?

      • Ryan Jones

        did you really spell it “geezus”?

        • BubbaJay

          Is that a rhetorical question or are you genuinely unsure !?

          • Ben Michael Nash

            One might suggest the same question could apply in return….

    • http://www.facebook.com/bkendle86 Bennett Kendle

      do you even lift?

      • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

        how much ya bench?

    • beccadoggie10

      Videos do not have images?

    • http://www.facebook.com/justin.j.plant Justin J P Plant

      If you need to see a picture of how swimming is performed, I think you shouldn’t go near a pool.

      • tinsol

        proper swimming is actually much harder than people think and most people have some incorrect for or breathing.

        • http://twitter.com/TheAnalysisGuy Carl Bennett

          If the objective is to burn calories, the ‘worse’ you swim, ie less efficiently, is exactly what you want to do.

          • http://www.facebook.com/erik.hansen.1671 Erik Hansen

            As a competitive swimmer, I feel compelled to tell you that you’re totally wrong. The ‘worse’ you swim, the more your putting odd pressure on joints like your shoulders and knees. Injuries that will cripple you in any activity if left ignored.

          • Uzair

            Not at all Eric. When you are trying too hard it is because not all your muscles are working, you exhaust quicker. The most efficient swimming stroke, uses the most muscles and consumes the most energy.

            I am a swimming champion in College and I know what I am talking about!

          • KoJack

            how could your muscles not work UNLESS your a cripple which in that case i wouldn’t reccomend ‘racing’ or ‘competing’ with others tho risk is on you if you decide to anyways

          • Jeremy

            Im not sure I would agree with you Uzair. The most efficient swimming stroke, as I’m sure you know, is as much about the way you are positioned in the water, and the way you use your body to minimises drag, and yet also maximise forward propulsion. It is a balance of these two things, as well as breathing to replenish the oxygen you are using. If you do it right, it is faster, and more efficient, and you will get further and faster using less overall energy.

            So, your point about the amount of energy consumed isnt well thought-out. The energy consumed, to travel a given distance, in a given time, would be greater if you have a very inefficient stroke. Also, as you say, you would get tired quicker. I would say that that isnt necessarily due to less muscles being activated, it is simply due to inefficient technique, and it would be extremely difficult to measure exactly which muscles are being activated or not.

            You could imagine a situation where someone was activating all of their muscles beautifully, as you describe, but merely wind up thrashing about in the water going no-where. So, the technique may well be fine-tuned, in your case, to activate more muscles, but generally speaking, people’s problems are more with the balance of drag, inefficiencies during the breathing, and problems getting all of their force pulling them in the right direction, with longer duration of force during the stroke, and a kick that works to do more than just splashing!

          • Thomas

            and finally mister IQ (Jeremy) did explained it. Congratulation.

          • Thomas

            , but it is Carl that said that, not Erik.

          • Red Riderette

            I agree, if you invest in a trainer for even 2 – 4 sessions, you can be taught to use the human machine even more properly, for safety and improved performance. Just believe in yourself and give it a try. The goal is to keep it moving at some point – the race is to make it with dignity to the end

          • Thomas

            , but you did not get that he was strictly counting the calories.

          • jojojoj

            such ignorance and arrogance combined.

          • Martin Christensen

            That is not the case at all. If you wish to swin fast you must learn to use an optimal amount of strength to do so. If you for example put a lot of efford into your arms and are not taking proper advantage of your legs and body then it will feel very hard and burn very little. The larger and the more muscles you activate the more calories you burn.

          • nigger hatred


        • Violet Weed

          I swim a mile every other day (I’m 65 and have been doing that for about 55 years now). BUT I use a mask and snorkel, because I can swim harder and breath better with a snorkel. Also I’m from Hawai’i so when I’m home I swim in the open ocean and need the mask to watch for cuds and sharks. When I’m staying in my house I swim in an ‘endless pool’ so I don’t need to flip-turn and can just think about my latest project or book I’m working on. I love swimming, but it is not the main exercise I do because it does not build muscles. For that I use my total gym (thank you chuck norris).

          • http://twitter.com/rumcoke3 rumcoke

            what a healthy life,in my country ,most people just focus on how to make more money or how to get a temporary happiness.seldom people realise the importance of their healthunless they lose them。

          • swimkid45

            swimming actually does build muscle believe it or not. I was a competitive swimmer and would put on anywhere from 15-20 pounds in a two month season

        • oas

          Several years ago I went to a local pool for instruction because I couldn’t “see” what I was doing wrong, but I could “feel” something was not correct. The coach helped even though I learned to swim when I was probably 12-13 years old, and am now over 50. Speaking to the point of pictures or text, text is really needed because pictures alone could miss something in the movement or stance of an exercise.

      • eternia

        I agree with tinsol. Aren’t you underestimating swimming?

      • jojojoj

        Can’t believe your ignorant juvenile comment got so many thumbs up.

        • http://www.facebook.com/tim.tackett1 Tim Tackett

          jojojol, do YOU realize the only comments YOU made were both negative and attacking???

      • common sense

        maybe they should just jog on the bottom of the pool instead of trying to swim.

      • hero’s of the internet

        why do you have to be a douche ? , hes asking something i can relate to and you obviously only think about swimming because most people know that .. kudo’s you internet hero @facebook-1333519534:disqus

      • ThaddeusMaximus

        Too funny!

    • andrew

      i agree 100%

  • pinch

    I do all of these -__-

    • stevedavis

      I made the mistake of trying dips on my exercise machine, so now I’m having to exercise while working around damage in my left shoulder. I like the kettlebells, though. Pushups are cheap and effective as well.

    • gingerpops

      Yes, fun isn’t it?

  • grevyturty

    I make love as I do these.

  • Isaac Haskiya

    Yes! You can do that with a dumbell too. I usually throw the weight all the way up over my head, arms straight. That might give something extra. The pendulum movement can handle a lot of weight.

  • saurabh

    i love exercise.

  • Chronic happiness

    Dead lifting beats everything

    • Tony Gassner

      Except – dead.

      • Dan 333

        Or lifting the dead ( l: O )>

  • beccadoggie10

    Swimming is great exercise, but should not be your only exercise, I learned too late.
    Swimming is not weight bearing unless you use training gear that creates resistance and builds bone rather than just muscle.

    Weight bearing exercise and a diet low in meat, dairy, but high in calcium, vitamins K1 and K2 and sunshine or vitamin D3 can reduce your getting osteoporosis when you are older, scientists have now discovered.

    I swam a mile in my daily workouts, which was good for flexibility and over-all health, but bad for building and amassing bone. I should have walked further and either used weights, resistance training, or Pilates on a regular basis, as well. Now, at age 71 everything keeps breaking. Recovering from one spinal fracture, another spine was fractured all in the course of 11 months. I now eat high nutrition vegan to reduce pain and inflammation.

    • pekingthom

      Thanks so much for your insightful post.
      Presently, a large percentage of my “workout” occurs in the pool.
      I endured two lumbar laminectomies on my early adulthood body (huge bummer)
      and the M.D.’s prescribed swimming was something I already enjoyed and still enjoy decades later. While my overall health is decent my spine – surprise – seems that of a much older individual. I’m determined to get down to the yoga studio this month and get serious.
      Diet is tough. While essentially an omnivore, I no longer go in for any gastronomic experience which relies on cruelty to dress my plate. I generally don’t get enough veggies/fruits into my shopping cart this time of year. Moneys a problem so I’m compromised. Eating well is not for the financially challenged

      • http://www.facebook.com/cliff.kavanaugh Cliff Kavanaugh

        Eating well is not for the financially challenged is a myth! I been mostly vegan for about 6 months now. I’ve lost 40 pounds. Some of my medications have been eliminated or reduced. I take B-12 drops to better metabolize plant protein and D-3. Reduce your carbon foot-print by 50% by not eating “industrial” meat and fish. Kudos to pekingtom for “avoiding gastronomic experience which relies on cruelty to dress his plate”. Have begun to lift weights to very good effect.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobby-Potter/100001578993714 Bobby Potter

      That’s b/c you’re not eating fats. Also bones need calcium, Vitamins D & C etc….

      • Tony Gassner

        Please don’t knock fats, we do need some in fact they are essential (good fats) after all, the brain is mostly fatty tissue – so the ‘handle’ fathead’ is a compliment!

        • MoralRight

          That is where Salmon and omega 3 come into play. Read a report that men on average, live longer eating salmon then those who eat no fish or salmon. I suspect omega3 suplements can bea good substitute and are great for the brain “wards of depression” and the heart.

    • Tony Gassner

      Herewith my penny’s worth: It seems as though decalcification of the bones is occurring.

      Vital to the process of bone maintenance are Vitamins D3, and K2. Currently it is understood that we do not get enough D3 from the sun, and in any case ultraviolet harm should be taken into consideration. K2, while found in leafy greens (lightly steamed) of which green coriander and spinach are among the best; should be supplemented for regeneration of bone mass (repair). They are involved in preventing excessive blood calcium which can be combined with blood cholesterol to form plaque – we know all about that! K2 has been recognized as chelating this nasty. These cost far less than putting your nose into a doctors surgery. And yes,avoid inflammation causing foods like poison – they are. I have benefited greatly by removing all gluten containing foods (read the labels) so no wheat, rye, oats and barley.

      Also consigned to the waste bin, all sugars (stevia e.g., a natural sugar is not implicated and fine for a sweet tooth) tomatoes and oranges.

      Good health

      • Greg

        Not sure, but are you including tomatoes and oranges. being “consigned to the waste bin” is so, why?

    • puney

      I eat hydrogen. Then I eat a blimp. Then…well you know the rest.
      Oh the humanity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robertelliottlang Robert ToruElliott Lang


    • chronovisor

      what a MAROON! how is it the “worst” exercise? obviously you have NO clue on how to do it properly it has been used for over 100 years! hey idiot go back to pilates class and get a clue.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elaine.stephens.142 Elaine Stephens

      Best exercise I do for keeping my back in shape!
      I saw a chiropractor regularly for over 20 years for chronic back problems. Now I work in a nursing home kitchen–on my feet, on a concrete floor–for 8-11 hours a day. I do a lot of lifting and twisting and all those things that can cause back problems.
      The kettlebell swing and incline board sit ups keep me from having any back problems at all. I mean at all. You have to follow proper form of course, paying particular attention to your legs and core.
      Since you’re not an “idiot,” I assume you are able to follow the simple directions regarding the proper form required to do this exercise correctly. Ah, but one shouldn’t assume, eh?

      • Jeff K

        I had read that when doing weights, a person is more likely to injure himself when he accelerates or jerks the weight quickly. Seems then, that it’s better to lift lighter weight slowly that to move or jerk them quickly the way I often see people do at the gym with heavy weights.. Perhaps that’s why kettleballs can lead to injury is some people, since they’re lifted in a swinging motion which means acceleration. They’d be good for flexibility of the spine though, as you said- as long as you don’t use too much weight, I think.

        • http://www.facebook.com/seehypnosis Mark Turnbull

          The only reason lifting weights fast is dangerous is because of inertia, your joints then have to try to stop the fast motion which puts more pressure on them. Swinging a kettle bell is different because of the arc of motion. Even though the weight is accelerating and moving fast….it’s the whole body that becomes engaged in slowing it down, so the weight is distributed over all muscles and joints without impact….. Lifting weights fast would be high impact and unstable….whereas kettlebell swinging is not.

          • Derpa Derp

            Until you accidentally let go and knock the girl on the ab machine unconscious.

          • rpfit

            The kettle bell swing is a great exercise. If you are new to exercise or don’t exercise much, you should strengthen you inner core first with exercises such as floor bridges, ball crunches, planks, side planks, opposite arm/legs raises and cobra exercises. Some people who are not ready to engage in more complex exercises, perform these exercises with poor form not just because they don’t know the proper form, but also because they have not first built a strong foundation of stabilization muscles. If you cannot do an exercise with proper form after a few attempts, you should not keep trying. Instead you should regress to exercises that you can do properly and work your way up to more challenging exercises. When viewing information on exercises on the internet, get as much information as possible on form, cautions and exercise progressions/regressions.

        • Jude O’Connor

          It’s the straining that builds the muscle. Try this when you do your curls with about half the weight you usually use. one complete curl every minute, thirty seconds up and thirty seconds down. you’ll have a strain for a full minute. see how many you can do with half the weight you were used to. Watch a clock second hand to help you.

    • http://twitter.com/crisdoir Tensing Norgay

      wow , that’s about as stupid as you can get

  • Jack

    Swimming is good an all… Except people swim to lose weight, which burns calories but doesn’t put on muscle mass. Muscle mass is what you want to lose weight as it burns calories when your NOT working out. Going for a run or swimming burns calories sure, but the amount of food your gonna be craving after with no long term effect makes them both a poor choice for losing weight.
    However strictly talking muscle movement/keeping joints moving swimming is very good.

    • Dargon

      You DONT want to lose muscle mass when losing weight. Swimming will burn fat but not as efficiently as running. You need to utilize some sort of friction based (resistance) workout to build muscle.

    • Mazzywazzy

      Not necessarily. You can speed interval train in the pool too, creating the EPOC effect. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. The more you raise your heart rate, the more oxygen is required. You can carry on burning up to 48 hours after finding that oxygen. Burning that fat away. An intense swim session will benefit you just as much as a run or cycle. I was a competitive swimmer and am now a Personal Trainer. I had a lean physique, with muscle tone all through my teens due to swimming. It not what you do, its what approach you use! :)

  • Patrick Dunn

    Just turning 74 and people tell me I look in my 50’s. This is no surprise to me…have been exercising all my life;sports in my early years (not contact), running, lite weights, swimming, gardening professionally and hobby) and most important of all rarely eat meat (once every 10 days or so-lean), fruit and veggies, occasional wine or beer, and of course keep a non-stressful life-style as much as possible. It is all about life-style choices we make…and the good part of it is I don’t have to think about it…oh…and don’t evening think about taking escalators or elevators (under six floors). You don’t need to join clubs, gyms…save your money. Oh!…did I mention cycling? Have a nice life!!

    • jasond

      amen brotha…..i don’t watch what i eat as much, but just keeping an active lifestyle and trying to indulge in small portions of red meat does me pretty good..

      • roger

        “I don’t watch…” Thought you were going to say TV news, jasond… Cutting out that crap I’ve found to be far better than worrying if I’m doing the latest exercise or eating the right food or taking the right pill. Cable news and the networks are like taking rat poison?

    • Tony Gassner

      AND – no cat, no dog, no wife, no problem! It only hurts when I laugh. “A merry heart is good medicine.” O.K.

      • rober

        No dog, tony? You can’t be serious. There’s nothing more theraputic than spending time with a blue heeler… Try it.

        • http://twitter.com/TheAnalysisGuy Carl Bennett

          Round heelers work quite well, too.

    • nabluspeach

      you must have a super-toned smug muscle as well

    • rawagz

      Patrick, Thanks for sharing. I love hearing from people like you and their lifestyles. I am 58 and living much like you. You are a great role model. Best of health to you!

    • jake

      Patrick you’re just one helluva human being!!

    • Grammer Nazi

      you’re 74 and you don’t know how to spell light?

      • Alpha Kenny Juan

        You’re correcting a 74-year-old and you don’t know how to spell “grammar”?

        • jinkins

          is because that name was prob already tooken jack ass…lol

          • Owen Marshall

            tooken? lol

  • jib

    There is no such thing as muscle confusion. That is probably one of the biggest myths in the fitness world.

    • dudebro

      no, but it does help to prevent inflexibility of ligaments and joints to do those “confusion exercises”

  • Rick

    Excercise is going to vary from person to person. We all need to find out what works for us individually, though many comments made here have a lot of validity. As we age we lose muscle mass, joints begin to cease up etc,, cramps and muscle aches become rampant. Swimming is an excellent excercise that will not inflame ones joints, but there should be other forms of excercises combined to see overall health be in top form !

    All excercise really is futile, without good nutrition. Fruits and Vegetables are vital for good health, and if meats are a must, they should be lean and not neccesarily eaten at every meal. We only have so much time to live, so our recreational time should be used with variation, planned out different routines to keep one from boredom and to strnegthen all of the muscle groups. It’s ok to lay of a day or two a week, but maintenance is highly important, or it all goes back to flab. Hope this is helpful to anyone unsure what to do with themselves for viatality and a longer life !

  • http://www.facebook.com/maykal.attadarkua Maykal Atta-Darkua

    brilliant practical exercises

  • Tina Shontz

    “Make sure your STOMACH is full of air”?? I think not!

  • stoney

    rather eat tasty junk, get drunk. gamble, & smoke lots of weed.. still die in your 60s or 70s.

    • gingerpops

      I do all of that except gambling and look forward to living beyond my 70s.

  • chris—b/b

    You need to do alot of different types of exercises to keep on top of everything and obv keep on top of your diet but making sure not over doing it..Muscle building is very easy tbh if your looking to do that you just need a set plan of exercises /weights me my self bought my self a multi-gym with alot of weights on it which kept me going over 3years without needing to up the weight.. but building muscle comes with a price you need alot of effort and need to rip a muscle to build a muscle…also making sure you have days off but its all about tricking your body if want more muscle e.g 1day i do heavy weight less reps, next lower weight alot of reps next different etc sort of thing if you want muscle and not having to lose much fat and your a big lad like me or lucky like me i can eat alot of food as long as its got all the nutrients etc its all good:)

  • LadyInRed

    Some pizzas I lift are pretty heavy..

  • 4BlueStars

    And then right after you do that kettlebell/dumbbell swing, call and make an appointment with your chiropractor and possibly some physical therapy. That is a TERRIBLE exercise. The lower back muscles need to be exercised and there are good ways to do it. THAT is not one of them.

  • thomas w

    I can see dumb dumb chick hitting her knee and walking funny the rest of her life. Or a guy for that matter.

    • Ralfine

      Instead of that weight, use a 4 pint plastic milk bottle, filled with water.


    thx man!

  • disqus_Ky5OwQygRQ

    I like the kettlebell/dumbbell swing exercise … I’d like to see it with a dumbbell as the hands/wrist forearms would be slightly different … wonder how that would affect the exercise … I like the way he demonstrated the breathing which is so important … not to end on a negative, but I was a bit concerned that he did not have adequate foot wear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kavitacha Kavita Chaudhary

    Nice Info but need more explanation !

  • yorkshireken

    The bell swing is great exercise but as an athlete with over 45 years training i would never recommend exercising without shoes in the gym when there are loose weights about !!

    • Dargon

      Well stated and very true !

  • Ralfine

    Here is an excellent exercise that doesn’t require any membership and very little investment.
    Needed: Garden leather gloves, plastic bag.

    Go out and collect rubbish in the park, along highways and anywhere it doesn’t belong.

    How: walk a few steps to the next beer can, then hold the plastic bag in one hand while bending down picking up the beer can with the other hand. Get up again, put the can in the bag.



    Change hands.
    Squat down for picking up.
    Combine the pick-up with stretching exercises.

    You not only get fresh air and an excellent full body exercise but also dumb comments from passers-by.
    And a cleaner neighbourhood.

    IMPORTANT: Dump the full bag into a proper litter container.

    • Pitt5767

      As a truck driver, I do this exercise often. When I’m parked and see the messes that my “co-workers” have left along the highways and byways. I use my break to pick up a bit of that rubbish. I’ve been surprised at how many fuel station and restaurant managers will catch me at their trash bins and yell… “That’s not our trash! Don’t throw it in our dumpster!” All I can do is shake my head and go to the next one… I just don’t have room in my truck sometimes. It really is a great work out, but people look at you like you’re crazy!

      • RylanG

        What do you do while driving to maintain fitness? I am now in the van about 3 hours a day…probably under half of the time you spend in your truck daily…and I notice my back and my calves and hamstrings getting all out of whack.
        Any advice as to what to do while behind the wheel to minimize the effects of being sedentary?

        • Kate Bennett

          To stretch out your hips and glutes, when stuck in traffic stretch your arms overhead one and at time and over to the opposite side. This will stop things getting stiff.

          • puney

            Or guzzle a twelver and gun it.
            You’ll feel fantastic. .

        • puney

          You should jog next to your truck while it is on cruise control. Preferably behind a bus load of nuns. Then when they lock ‘me up to avoid a kitty, jump in front of your truck and demand it stop. As it flattens you, exhale sharply. This is the best form of exercise ever…since the beginning of time. Then vomit profusely and spin around like a top. Then chuck a javelin into the nearest cloud. Afterwards you should throw 55 billion marbles onto the freeway.
          Beats any Charles Atlas “Dymlnic Tension” workout ever.
          You’re welcome.

          • RylanG


          • RylanG

            I am not clear on the ‘exhale sharply’ piece. I have tried it several times (while sitting, I am not yet at running beside my truck – working up to it slowly) and I simply cannot exhale sharply. Did you mean to say ‘inhale sharply’? I can do this.

            Also, when you say ’55 billion marbles’ do you mean 55 ‘blue’ ones? I simply cannot imagine lugging around a bag filled with 55 million marbles. Wouldn’t it be too heavy?

      • Jude O’Connor

        A friend picked up all the cans in the parking lot of a large construction project much to the amusement of all of us. At the end of the job he bought a new diesel welding machine, about 1200 bucks, we stopped laughing.

        • The Truth

          There is noway you can collect $1200 worth of cans at one time @ 10 cent a can unless every person in a baseball stadium left an empty can in the park after the game. Nice lie

      • Dr. Alan Lara

        Well done, I have been there, here in Germany people normally uses trash bins the right way, but when it is up to pick something up it is a big deal, the government should clean it. I just can not resist the bottle or can in the floor. So i pick it up and search for a trash bin. People also look at me like i am crazy or something.

        • yucatangirl51

          In the US,we don’t think it is the government’s job to do simple and responsible tasks like picking up litter.

      • MoralRight

        Yes it is there trash. Just the uncarring and slobish truck drivers did not put it in the trash bin, rather on the road.

    • midnitelamp

      I wear a weighted vest while picking up glass shards where drunks break bottles.A lot of lunges and pivoting.

      • puney

        I wear a dynamite vest with a remote detonator.
        I detonate when I fart…which is every 3 minutes.

  • Ralfine

    Certified Kettlebell instructor? Interesting.

  • captainhurt

    next, have some mri’s after your “kettle” swinging tears your body apart, esp your back!
    any kind of swinging is a no-no exercise.

  • http://twitter.com/HeyIts007 007

    I agree that is one of the most idiotic exercises I’ve ever seen. Major major risk factor for back injury. We live in a world where people will promote anything just to stand out. Unfortunately this exercise stands out in the idiots guide to personal training. Bending the back is a definite NO NO, as is the swinging jerking motion of significant weight, whilst in an arched back posture.

    There are far better, effective and safer ways to transform your body, however if anyone says you can do it in 49 days, you know they are probably lying. These type of adds are a dime a dozen and only those ill informed would believe them.

    The simple fact is that most body shape fitness issues are due to diet, rather than lack of exercise, as important as exercise is. We just get way too many calories nowadays. You can spend hours on end in a gym and still be overweight due to your diet.

    • HavanaJoe

      I’ve done it for decades and have no back problems at all. If you notice, his back remains in a neutral position at all times. He’s not arching nor rounding his back during the movement.
      There are many exercises that will injure you if you don’t learn and use proper form…and this is one of them. Done properly, just as with deadlifts, squats, rows, etc. it is very effective and will burn a significant number of calories per minute. There are several different KB exercises and it is an exercise recommended by the ACSM…but what do they know?

  • http://www.checklistmag.com/ Smart Checklist e-Mag

    It’s just as well great! Thanks for the tips. I work out, but now things have changed and I need to change with it too.

  • GKLer

    That looks dangerous…imagine the damage with an inch or two higher

    • HavanaJoe

      If you’re that uncoordinated, you deserve the hit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whander.medeiros Whander Medeiros

    ridiculous movement… it made me laugh until sored my abs… LOL

    • HavanaJoe

      Try it for a few workouts and then make up your mind. It’s tougher than it looks.

  • kelly

    Most gyms don’t have a swimming pool so for most people they can’t swim!

    • Ralfine

      Yes, and there are swimming pools without a gym or sauna, and saunas without pool or gym. Rivers and lakes even without locker rooms, parks with just paths but no treadmill, etc. etc.

  • Darren

    Hi I am a 41 year old man that has had diabetes for two years now due from pancrias problems . I am 5’11” and only just ten stone in weight . I keep finding things to loose weight but nothing on how I can gain a couple of stone , can anyone help me ? I’m very desperate and just don’t know what to do .

    • HavanaJoe

      Peanut butter, sardines, cashews, and the like. If you have access to a gym, have a competent trainer show you how to do breathing squats, deadlifts, rows, and benches. Learn to lift heavy, twice per week..using excellent form, and then go home.

      Be sure to have your physician clear you for exercise. Have you had your thyroid, etc. checked? Best of luck.

  • Glenn

    I am exactly the opposite. I am soon to be 54 yrs old and most people put me at late 30’s early 40’s, I very rarely eat vegetables and I can devour meat like a T-Rex. My favorite breakfast food is bacon medium well. It is the only animal fat I can tolerate in my mouth. So what is my point? Stop beleiving everything you read and hear about food because it is usually a marketing ploy for the next best thing in food. Remeber when they told us bran could help prevent cancer. Well after introducing bran into our diet in every way possible it was determined that there was absolutely no truth to the statement yet America is still bran crazy. The greatest way to stay healthy is to eat all in moderation, drain fat from meats when cooking, and get your ass off of the sofa. By the way lettuce has no nutritional value so I wonder why people are always pushing salads. Haven’t you noticed that over weight people who rely on salads always fail

  • Chagga

    Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.nicholaswind.ca Nicholas Wind

    The kettlebell swing is one of the most efficient exercises known to man kind.I’ve done them for 12 years and I’m 57 and very fit. I have a love hate relationship with it since it is as tough as one wants it to be.

    • HavanaJoe

      I hate them until I’ve finished my last set. I think the most difficult (for me) are turkish getups and windmills.

      • http://www.nicholaswind.ca Nicholas Wind

        I find the turkish getup quite challenging also.
        I will practice more.

  • http://www.fitness-fan.co.uk/ Fitness Fan Blog

    Nice post.

    Kettlebells are great for training and I have seen some great results.

  • BeagleDawg

    I am now 71 years old and did the swing excecise for many years, now have to have shots in my back to prevent pain from the damage the excecise did to my back.
    Sensible lite weight slow motion excercises will give better results. Something you can live with.

    • HavanaJoe

      It all depends on form. I’m 67 and learned swing bell training from Milo Steinborn in the sixties. I’ve also done squats, deadlifts, snatches, and power cleans for most of my life and have no problems.
      I’d say that damage to my back was prevented by exercise…not caused.

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  • benster

    I eat junk food, drink great wine, take drugs and knob stunning hookers with enormous knockers. I’m going to die before any of you … but what a way to go!

  • casper

    I did swimming, but having lost all my cartelidge in one knee, and growing older with a tendecy to loss of bone-mass, I learned from my orthopeadic docter, swimming is no help, because it lightens your wait in water and you should have to resistence to build-up or keep the bone-mass up by resistence: walk, and power exercises!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dao-Nguyen/504264662 Dao Nguyen

    great tip :)

  • Ross Longbottom

    Working out just for the sake of muscles seems pointless, but OK, do what you like. I think playing hockey has been a lot of fun and good for the build over my 57 years. It works a large combination of muscles, is great for the cardio, and combined with a few other activities is pretty ideal. The most important thing I fail to do is stretching. Yoga or pilates along with whatever your sport is would be good, I suggest. Just doing one sport is too limiting, I have learned. Hence, I would not just go lift weights. To what end?

  • 5 string thing

    Swimming is tediously boring and inhaling water is not my idea of comfort

  • kulbir kaur

    whats the best exercises for brain freshness

  • http://www.facebook.com/graham.manngogs Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    Running is the biggest calorie burner swimming is boring and for people who dont want to get out of their comfort zone.

    • Doug Russell

      Running is excruciatingly boring as well.

      • http://www.facebook.com/graham.manngogs Graham Ian Mann Gogs

        Depends where you live. If you live in a built up area I would agree with you but where I live I can go off road through woods and fields across moors and all manor of scenic places. Swimming is just back and forwards stuck in a lane inside a building that is excruciatingly boring, a swimmer will never be as fit as I am.

        • Doug Russell

          You must be a Brit – we don’t have moors in the states (at least we don’t call them that). Agreed that swimming in the pool is a drag, but my kid was a High School swimmer and was in insanely good shape. That being said, I would rather ride my mountain bike (which I do 5X week) through your scenic escapade than run, which I can’t do much of any more these day anyways. The cartilage deprived knees won’t allow it. Cheers!

          • http://www.facebook.com/graham.manngogs Graham Ian Mann Gogs

            Buckstones edge beautiful place for runners and mountain bikers too.

          • TNFamily

            Know too many runners getting new knees and hips later in life. Wouldn’t swimming be easier on the joints?

  • Josh

    Swimming is one of the best ways to shred your body. But the thing is you gotta swim at least 1800+ meters a day for it to do anything. Trust me this is coming from a person who swam competitively and swam all 4 years of high school. Plus its super relaxing cruising through the water being in the outdoors, I recommend you swim in a local lake, river, ocean,,ect there’s a bit more resistance so it obviously makes you work a bit harder. BUT! if your doing it to lose weight you need to maintain a healthy normal diet and simply substitute all liquids other then milk or orange juice for water. Now if your trying to cut down but build a bigger stronger body Calories! Calories! Calories! Since swimming is a fully body exercise it burns up a-lot of the calories you obtain through a regular diet, so beef it up a little the extra calories wont be hard once you start cause you’ll naturally gain a heavier appetite..

  • yikes

    This guy is a pro. I wonder how many amateurs will accidentally swing that kettle bell off center and have this heavy object falling with the force of gravity smash the inside of one knee. It only takes one time to do permanent damage. Swinging a heavy weight is risky.

    • HavanaJoe

      I’ve been doing kettlebell training since I was a teen in 1965. As with any exercise, one needs proper training to learn the movements. To say that anyone of average strength or coordination could hit their knees with a bell is ludicrous…unless you had your knees together. I’ve never heard of anyone hitting themselves with one nor have I observed anyone doing the same.
      Perhaps, you should do some valid research on the subject before making uninformed statements.

  • Jechtech

    Swimming in chlorine is bad for people. Chlorine is not good for your health. Period. Swim in the ocean if you must swim, or in a lake. But not in chlorine bleach.

  • me

    one crack on the knees with a kettlebell or with a dumbbell and you will need knee replacement for sure? if you are not a pro don’t try this at home!

  • Red Riderette

    My favorite – swimming is the very best for physical plus mental AND spiritual health. I am 60 years old, have been swimming since I was 4, Then started cross training in my 20s with biking and tennis. At 40, quit tennis, added weight lifting, elliptical and yoga. My body is healthy and I am still working strong in advertising. I play an occasional bit of golf or baseball with my work associates. Life is good, and I do believe the variety and incorporating activity in my lifestyle is a huge factor!

  • Dr E

    Omg reading is NOT the enemy!

  • Linette M.

    I cant swim!!!! :(

  • http://www.i-get-paid-to.blogspot.com/2012/12/get-paid-to-sites-what-works.html Sue lovett

    Working out makes you feel and look great, i dislike it but it’s necessary.

  • Guest

    masterbating is a great workout, I’ve been doing, already got great arm strength, thanks, lesbian porn :)

  • Christopher Sattler

    I swim 2 1/2 hours year round for high school swimming and have an hour of dryland (weight, plyometric) in the morning. And on hell week we work 3 hour swim practice.

    It burns a lot of calories and gives great definition. but, you have to cross train and use proper technique. Because the back muscles usually are weaker then the pectoral after a year of lap swimming and this can lead to shoulder cuff tendinitis.

    Also because there is no pressure on your joints it is important to cross train, because you can get shin-splints easily otherwise just by running a mile and joints that pop and crack. Make sure to also do yoga to stretch out those very conformed and tight rhythmic defined muscles used for swimming such as the pecs, glutes, and triceps.

    “Just keep swimming”, -Dorrie

  • Simon

    Pull up your kneecaps? Sure if you want to injure you knees.

  • rayray

    I hear this is good for you but it brings your core temperature down and I always get so hungry it seems that nothing can satisfy.

  • lol

    mouth breather!

  • Baresark

    Ugh… everyone does the Kettlebell swing wrong. Even the guy in the video. It’s not his fault though, he was obviously taught wrong. You need to completely avoid momentum for the exercise, otherwise you are doing a fraction of the work you could be doing. That means stopping the motion completely at the bottom and really emphasizing putting the hips through in a full, steady, and powerful motion. Otherwise… well you are kind of wasting your time because there are exercises that work those same muscles the same way that are more effective. But, I digress, a lot of these exercises are very good.

  • Pammyann

    Skinny dipping is great exercise and for the larger person chunky dunking.

  • michael1968

    re: 1 No swinging metal ball is going to come that close to my groin ever.

  • Mike Souther

    I would totally rack myself in the nards if I did the kettle swing

  • Kevin

    As a certified personal trainer I can positively say that kettle Bell training is not appropriate for all populations.
    This exercise is contraindicated for those with spinal issues.
    Consult with your physician and a certified personal trainer before beginning a fitness program.

  • Brian

    You people must be yacking about politics & religion!
    Doesn’t ANYONE respect anothers opinion anymore? Hell NO! Its all “I’m right and your all wrong”.
    Why don’t you go find a tarpit and thrash around for a EVEN BETTER workout/calorie burn! Don’t forget to add some heavy weights to yourselves for a even BETTER workout!
    I’m so sorry I even started reading all this gradeschool jibberish…..

  • Petrovic

    We can discuss about swimming. It burns a lot of fat indeed, but for kids in growing age, it limitates their growth, since you need shocks to grow. As for muscular aspects, it’s good but can’t give you better force because the gravity force is less felt.

  • Boiled Anus

    I have been swimming since birth. And I was born at the Big Bang. I have gained so much muscle mass people mistake me for planet Jupiter. So yes swimming does put on muscle.
    I also grew a nuclear reactor in my stomach. I detonated it though so it’s no biggey.